What is the Advice Luke Lazarus Gives to Young Entrepreneurs

As one of the early investors in great companies, Luke Lazarus is known as a highly credible entity in the business sector. But while his startups has given him freedom and wisdom, it is not his only startup that has went on to become a vastly famous company with an investment from Luke Lazarus.

Being active in the operating and investment sector for well over a decade, Luke Lazarus has also been associated with companies that are profitable and have made exits in the past. His investments in people and companies are what makes him stand apart from the rest of the people within the finance and startups sector.

That is why, when Luke Lazarus took the time to talk about his career and also shared some advice for young entrepreneurs, it was certain to garner the interest of those who want to follow a similar path of success.

What Does Luke Lazarus Advise to Young Entrepreneurs?

Seeing that Luke started working when he was still at college at the University, , it is not shocking to see that his first piece of advice for young people is to “Never give up.”

Luke elaborated on this by mentioning how one should always have their eyes set on their goal and never let anything distract them – especially if that happens to be someone telling you that your dream is not achievable.

According to the investor, you should always take the path of perseverance instead of being timid about what you want to do. He explained that taking risks is what makes you successful, as compared to holding back which only gives you regret for the rest of your life.

Seeing how Luke has been able to achieve what he dreamt of over two decades ago, his advice certainly holds weight. At the very least, it’s worth to keep in mind as you navigate the difficult waters of the early stages of your career.

Remember that it is those that follow and heed the advice of the people that matter in their lives that do well. Luke is one such individual that is a friend to startups across their many different stages.

He helps them to dream big and fight in a manner that they capture value in the utmost sense of the word. He is not in it for the short term, he is in it to win it and he has demonstrated this over his long and storied career.

Lazarus is a strong proponent of doing what is right each day, aiming for excellence and improving each day to get to the right state of business. It is hard to do because many people can find ways to stumble and fall. Startups are after all, a high risk venture.

Startups take on many different odds and strive to overcome them over each day to really get to the level of success which they desire. They must focus on the right actions each day and work hard.

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