The successful story of Rocketship Education

Rocketship education is the networking of public chartered learning institutions that primarily serve low-income students in villages to access the desired training. Rocketship strives towards meeting the needs of each student by blending traditional instructions, employing adaptive technology, and targeting the tutoring programs. Rocketship Education in schools transforms life in doing more than only educating. The programs also empower teachers, inspire the community and engage parents to ensure transformation is attained.

The mission of Rocketship education is to eliminate the gap that exists in the education system .therefore to achieve this; there has been continuing innovation since its establishment in 2006. Rocketship Education is increasing with one to three schools being opened in each year. In 2014, Rocketship expanded to Nashville, and it was approved to open more schools in other states to be able to serve more needy students.

The impact of Rocketship education is to develop a leadership program for training principals and teachers to have leadership qualities that will enable them to engage in school leadership talents. Rocketship Education also wants to ensure they establish strategic planning annually across the network; this includes the development of organizational performance to ensure it has the right data to determine significant decisions affecting the learning process. Another impact is the critical analysis of data for each year necessary for budget projection and cash flows that are needed for the expansion of other learning sites. Therefore, this is necessary for Rocketship education to serve additional communities.

Through continuous engagement with parents in their children’s learning process, Rocketship develops parents who become advocates in the lifelong to their children as well as the community that they serve. Ultimately, Rocketship Education catalyzes the movement of eliminating the career achievement gap by working closely with parents; the community organizations charted schools as well as districts in their lifetime.

Overall, the Rocketship Education program has helped students to speak English fluently as their second language. Subsequently, the program’s main agenda is to ensure each child acquires the best education, each child attends college, and it believes that to be in college the journey starts at kindergarten.

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