The Internship Program At US Money Reserve Has Openings For The Summer

US Reserve initiated an internship program two years ago. The organization’s program was started by Jim Warren of the firm. He is the Vice President of Marketing and Communication. Jim hired one intern to launch the program.

Mallory Burgess was their first intern, and the program proved to be a success. She is still with the company, and Mallory currently serves as a media buyer. Warren met her at a previous company, and Mallory had interned with him there.

The company is pleased with the program, and they are now actively looking for new interns to take part in the program this year. They plan to bring in five interns for the summer 2019 internship program.

Mallory speaks highly of her interning days with US Money Reserve. She gained work experience in an exciting and fast-paced environment. Mallory also learned the importance of working as a team led by Jim Warren.

US Money Reserve is a multi-national distributor of silver, gold, and platinum coins. The company headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. The founder of the company served as a Director of the US Mint for many years. The Money Reserve is known for its large variety of precious metal commemorative coins. They have been in business for over 10 years, and within that time they have sold hundreds of thousands of coins. Read more: US Money Reserve | Glassdoor and US Money Reserve | BizJournals

The company advertises that they have served over 400,000 clients over the years. The means of advertising used by the company is innovative and award-winning. They produce their own infomercials, and their presentations are informative and entertaining. Interns have the opportunity to learn and grow into all facets of the business. They can witness firsthand the”behind the scenes”operations of a busy and successful organization.

US Reserve goes to great lengths to help their customers through the buying process. They provide plenty of free information to the first time gold buyer or anyone who would like to learn more. The company prides itself on offering an unmatched level of customer service.

Their customer representatives have a genuine interest in getting to know their customers and their preferences. US Money Reserve wants to earn their customer’s trust as well as their business. That is another valuable training opportunity for a young person just starting out in the business world.

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