Alec Sellem Wants The Gold Mining Companies to Have Good Standards

Alec Sellem, Chief Executive Officer and Founding member of Sellem Industries, believes that gold-mining companies should have principles and that they should respect human rights and local societies.

The principles that he believes in have been formulated by the World Gold Council, an organization that helps market the gold industry. It wants to make sure that information gets out about responsible gold mining practices and provides research, data and a framework that sets out clear rules for investors. If you participate in gold supply chains, this organization will help you be a responsible member of the gold market. There are many different kinds of stakeholders in this organization. There are IGOs, academics, NGOs, investors, international organizations and governments. The principles are being worked on and once they are finalized, companies, who participate in this organization, will be expected to follow these new rules.

One leader in the gold industry is Alec Sellem. Sellem has led the industry in having a strategic vision for the industry and has become partners with business-minded professionals Sellem has spent a majority of his career focused on security technology and strategies in the gold industry.

Recently, with a panel at the United Nations (UN) Headquarters in New York, Sellem discussed how effective the energy law in Africa that is being created right now and what solutions can be down to make sure that that African energy law can be effective. Most gold-mining companies are concerned about the well-being and safety of local communities, contractors and employees. In countries where gold can be found, gold-mining can have a great effect on their socio-economic development. Sellem wants gold mining can guide the change in countries that have gold mining.

Sellem and the World Gold Council want gold mining to have a positive effect on the world.

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