Sunday Riley Talks Good Genes and More

If you’ve spent any time on the beauty side of Instagram and YouTube, chances are you’ve come across the skincare brand Sunday Riley. But what you might not know is that Sunday Riley is, in fact, a real person from Texas. She recently spoke with The Cut about the brand’s cult favorite skincare line Good Genes and where she got her unique name from.

Sunday Riley launched the brand in 2009 out of recognition that there was a gap in the market for skincare that balances the latest skin research with botanical ingredients. Sunday Riley says that she learns on the job. Every product is made with a 360-degree view on what users should expect from the experience and outcome of using the product.

Sunday Riley has also looked into creating a hair care line since she finds hair and scalp health interesting.

Good Genes is one of the top-selling Sunday Riley skincare products. It is a lactic acid treatment that cleanses and exfoliates for clearer skin. Good Genes was launched at a time when there were not many acids on the market for skincare. According to Sunday Riley, the product made acids accessible for the average consumer, and its popularity grew via word of mouth.

Sunday Riley feels humble and responsible that many women use her products. However, Ms. Riley also advises that, beyond using good products, it is also important to wash your face every day and exfoliate regularly to get rid of dead skin cells. Many people believe that they have sensitive skin when the sensitivity is actually being caused by environmental factors. She washes her face twice a day and uses the U.F.O. anti-acne oil once a week to keep her pores and skin clear.

So where did Sunday Riley’s name come from? Her father named her because he wanted her to have a good name that would do well if she went into business, which is interesting considering the remarkable success of the Sunday Riley brand.

Wherever the Sunday Riley brand goes next, it is sure to find support from its legions of die-hard fans.