Steve Lesnard Talks Simplicity In Digital Marketing

While marketing has changed a lot over the years, it has always been an important part of business throughout the world. It’s important to be able to get your products in front of the people who might want to purchase them and Steve Lesnard has helped do this successfully for some very large brands. While technology has offered a lot of new ways for companies to get their products in front of customers, Steve Lesnard knows just how important it is to get it right. Advertising on social media and other digital formats is may have a lot of similarities to traditional types of marketing, but there is some important difference that needs to be kept in mind to make sure that your campaign is as successful as possible.

While technology may be complicated, Steve Lesnard doesn’t believe that advertising should be when it comes to digital media. In fact, it’s important to keep it as simple possible when you are trying to get your message across to your potential consumers. The world is moving faster than ever and this includes the internet. You only have a fraction of a second to get the attention of your potential customers as they are scrolling along their timeline and it’s important to make sure that you are able to get your message across before it’s no longer on their screen. Keep it simple to catch and keep their attention.

One company that Steve Lesnard points out is great at using simplicity to get their message across is Apple. While their products may be complicated on a technological basis, their marketing campaigns have always stuck with one simple idea that they worked to get across to their potential customers. After they were able to catch their attention by sharing one main feature, they were then able to inform them of the rest of the benefits that their products like iPhones and Apple watches could provide to their lives. While you may want to be able to tell your audience everything about your brand all at once, this isn’t the best method when it comes to digital marketing.

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