Should Athletes Be Paid By Kevin Plank?

One of today’s hotly debated topics that is talked about on different news platforms is whether college athletes should be paid to play and their likeness. For as long as college athletics have been around it has been illegal for college athletes to be paid, even though cheating has gone on for many years. This is due to laws enforced by the NCAA, but the state of California just passed the “fair pay to play” act which is causing debates around the country and could cause chaos among college athletes. One of the voices that is advocating for college athletes to be paid is Under Armour’s CEO Kevin Plank.

Kevin Plank believes that college athletes should be paid for marketing and that they should be able to sign a sponsorship with different companies. Under Armour is a sporting clothes company that already pays professional athletes and if the student athletes could get paid this would enhance Under Armour’s brand if they could sign college athletes to a sponsorship. According to Kevin Plank on, the schools and college sports industry already make enough money from these kid’s talents.

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Other famous sports figures agree with Kevin Plank and the bill the state of California just passed as well. If Governor Newsome of California signs and passes the bill, it would go into effect January 2023. The opposition to this bill argues that if you pay the college athletes the difference between amateur game and the professional game is irrelevant. Professionals get paid to play and if the student athletes are paid then what is the point of the college game. The NCAA will also oppose the bill and it will cause a riff between the government and the NCAA.

Kevin Plank does not have any say when it comes to the government passing the bill or the NCAA fighting against it, but as a businessman and CEO of Under Armour his take has nothing to do with business. He knows what kind of grind the student athletes go through and wants to make sure they get compensated for their work.

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