Sharon Prince and The Grace Farms Foundation Turn Substantial Efforts Toward Ending Forced Labor Globally

Grace Farms is a unique social and cultural institution unlike any other this country has seen. The carefully-crafted public space is nestled on 80 acres of stunningly lush meadows, woodlands, and wetlands in the heart of New Canaan, Connecticut. It was built as an effort of the Grace Farms Foundation, a privately operating foundation that operates to enhance the lives of people both locally, statewide and throughout the country. Grace Farms Foundation’s core focuses are community, nature, faith, arts, and justice for all.

Grace Farms Foundation has now spread its wings quite a bit wider, focusing on the global issue of the fact there is still forced labor, a less-harsh word for what is slave labor, being used in the supply chain for the creation of a variety of building materials.

The Foundation has developed the brand new Grace Farms Foundation Architecture Construction Working Group. This group will outline granular criteria for how materials sources for building projects. The newly-developed criteria will be utilized by construction managers, architects, engineers, and other stakeholders that work with globally-sourced materials to ensure they are only using materials in their projects that were built without using slave labor.

These “slave-free” parameters will enable decision-makers on building projects to easily scrutinize suppliers to make sure all materials were produced sans forced labor. As a secondary result, since the purchasing decision-makers have committed to only using materials built by companies that follow these non-forced labor guidelines, overseas supply chains will have to stop using forced labor or risk losing a wealth of their business.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms is spearheading the initiative. Ms. Prince is the president, chair and founder of the Grace Farms Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 2009. She is passionate about human rights and has fought tirelessly to end human rights violations. The Grace Farms Foundation and Ms. Prince recently co-hosted a gathering with members of the United Nations University that focused solely around coming together to fight human trafficking.

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