Securus Technologies and The Fantastic Solutions It Offers For Public Safety in Prisons

The visions of business leaders never stop, and they always want to innovate and make sure that the best products from their head get translated into reality. I believe one of the most impressive but stirring brands or companies today is Securus Technologies because it is trying to solve a social safety issue with technology knowing very well that there’s a lot of loopholes, vulnerabilities, and challenges in the technology industry itself. However, Securus Technologies wants to learn, wants to innovate and wants to keep moving despite such challenges. One of the recent difficulties today that Securus Technologies experienced is about how it offered solutions to the public safety problems in the country’s correctional facilities. One example of this case is the story of Robert Johnson.



Robert Johnson’s Tragedy



Robert Johnson works for Lee Correctional Institutional as an officer, and the tragedy in his workplace started when he confiscated a contraband item inside the prison, and it turned out that it contained about $50,000 worth of goods. The confiscation must have caused a lot of trouble inside the facility since it was such a significant amount of money. Robert had been around in the facility for about 15 years already, and that incident was probably not that new to him. However, it was just not his luck that that issue escalated to something much more life-threatening.



About two weeks later after the confiscation, it was revealed that there was a call to shoot order from the prison against Robert Johnson to justify the seizure, and he was shot in his house. He tried to protect his family by distracting them away and thereby attracting the shots to his chest. He’s okay now, after undergoing a series of stitches and follow-up check-ups for over quite some years from doctors. He’s also been dealing with the consequences of the tragedy way more than money can compensate. However, justice was done because the shooter was caught and now Robert Johnson already works for Securus Technologies, implementing the Wireless Containment Solutions of Securus to help prevent the accident he suffered from happening to others.



Wireless Containment Solutions



It should be noted here that, according to Business Wire, the primary benefit of Wireless Containment Solutions is that it provides a system where unwanted and illegal calls that come from the inside of the prison and the outside could be hung up. They could no longer get through the prison system, thereby preventing shoot to call orders and other sensitive information from getting out of the prison.



I think this additional feature from Securus is such an outstanding protection for the safety of both inmates and their officers. That said, kudos to Securus. Without such dedication from them, we’d still be dealing with preventable incidents such as Robert Johnson’s story.