Richard Liu Qiangdong, Applying Oneself

Richard Liu Qiangdong is an entrepreneur and the founder of a business called JD which is a company that sell products online through the technology of eccommerce. How he started from the ground up just shows his economic and computer genius as he followed through with his concocted plan to achieve what is now a business that makes billions of dollars a year and which has earned him over twelve billion dollars in total. The early life of Richard Liu Qiangdong was characterized by parents pushing him to excel and quickly develop at whatever he pursued in life. They were heavy advocates of education and hard work in the field of economics and these life lessons were instilled inside of him or else he probably would not have succeeded in his pursuits. He went to a sociology college later in his life to earn bachelors degree and got a job in a health supplement store called Japan Life. During that time he realized that his efforts would be more worthwhile when he broadened his horizons so as a result Richard Liu Qiangdong taught himself how to code and program a computer. These skills helped him to apply himself at Japan Life and as a result he became the director of computers there. Although this was all well and good he soon decided to take up his own sense of adventure by going off into his own business which eventual became the renown JD. Richard Liu Qiangdong originally started off by selling optics to the public from his apartment that he rented out in Japan. He however eventually transitioned into the world of ecommerce after applying his coding skills to a fuller degree. With his business savvy tendencies, intuition, and flexibility Richard Liu Qiangdong reached the upper tiers of his potential.

About Liu Qiangdong: