Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva maintains a remarkable and varied career stretching from creation to fruition and most lately as an investment manager in the sector. With powerful investments of more than a dozen companies in the early stages. In this interview, he answers a few questions about the obstacles he faced and a view about the financial idea.

So as he says that we understand as an investment manager that every fresh capital expenditure comes as a big danger, it’s just part of the company. The greatest hurdle in mastering what, where, how and why to spend money was finding that perfect balance. Even when operating in the finest firms and the greatest ideas, probably half of these firms will fail, but the job is to make intelligent, sound choices with the purpose of having a strong portfolio irrespective of mistakes.

If I can keep building a collection, ideally a few companies will produce a return, and also more ambitiously, a few others will produce huge returns say, the capital multiplies by 30 or 40. That equilibrium is what maintains us all in a position to continue placing cash into good ideas and vigorous individuals at the end of the day.

For years now, I’ve been really interested in the evolution of money, but we’re just beginning to see how they can really carry the possibilities for the greater to alter the world economy. This is no longer the liberal pipedream, but in reality, this holds universal significance, particularly in developing nations. Crypto adoption remains really powerful in locations like Venezuela in the worst political chaos the nation has witnessed in decades.

New generations are beginning to become monetarily uplifted by enabling digital currencies to override global markets. It’s all still fairly new, but a couple of start-ups use block chains to combat poverty and encourage health, human rights, and legal justice. I do not have a grand vision in space, but in distinct phases of growth I’m following these distinct initiatives and I’m surprised at the concepts being encouraged and the potential consequences they might have. The concept here is to encourage the understanding of others.

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