Prevagen Highlights A Variety Of Exercises That May Help Brain Health

Over the past few years, Prevagen has become an increasingly well-known brand in the dietary supplement niche, with the majority of this being driven by its product of the same name.

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During this time, its products have helped quite a large number of people support their brain function, with much of this being seen in cognitive abilities. When combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, the firm’s supplements have been seen as a promising way to help with mild memory loss.

Since being released in 2007, Prevagen has been used by over one million people, with the company releasing its products in over 50,000 stores around the United States.

Throughout this time, the firm has noted that there are quite a large number of ways that people can improve their brain health, with many of these being quite easy to implement into a person’s life.

Perhaps the most notable of these is exercise, which is something that the company advises that people get a large amount of.

The primary reason for this is that regular and effective workouts can help protect the brain from a variety of age-related conditions, with the majority of these focusing on cognitive abilities.

Much of this is seen through the hippocampus, which is the primary area of the brain that’s responsible for memory and learning.

According to a variety of studies, the hippocampus responds positively to aerobic exercise, and can often grow as a result of regular workouts.

Alongside this, improving cardiovascular fitness can also play an essential role in this. As a result, Prevagen has advised that people place a significant amount of emphasis on ensuring that they exercise regularly.

By doing so, the company claims that there will be quite a significant impact on memory development and retention, which has been backed up by a variety of studies focused on the issue.

There are a variety of other positive effects to regular exercise that the firm has pointed to, and which have been examined by a large number of researchers.

One of the most notable of these is that it can help slow down cognitive decline, with this requiring a minimal amount of effort. According to a variety of studies, 45 minutes of brisk walking done three times per week could have quite a significant impact on slowing down, and possibly preventing, much of this decline. These results have reportedly been enhanced when walking is coupled with a variety of other workouts.

Alongside this, Prevagen has advised that people exercise the brain itself, which is something that can be done in a variety of ways.

One of the most notable, and perhaps enjoyable is to engage in a variety of brain games. These can be activities such as puzzles and a variety of other problem-solving exercises.

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There are a variety of ways that these can have an impact on brain health, especially when people mix a variety of games with different focuses. As Prevagen has suggested, the likes of reasoning and logic games can have quite an impact, as can a variety of memory-based puzzles.

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