Powerhouse Businesswoman Smita Shah

In a male-dominated industry, world-renowned engineer, Ms. Smita Shah shares her empowering story motivating female entrepreneurs entering or affiliated in the engineering industry. Ms. Shah boldly exposes the impediment women face, confidently addresses the issues in the industry, and proves that women are just as much a CEO as their male counterparts. In only ten steps, Ms. Shah seamlessly guides Female professionals to their better business self. 


In Ms. Shah’s youth, she occupied herself with math problems later using her gift in “math relays” at university. Now Ms. Shah is President and CEO of SPAAN Tech, Inc., an engineering firm that supplies alternative solutions for the most challenging technical projects. The company was founded in 1998, Ms. Shah’s company rated one of the top businesses that address intricate technical projects with mastery. 


As an Indian-American woman, Ms. Shah states “the room for error is tiny” in the engineering industry, and it was not a walk in the park landing big projects. Ms. Smita Shah was courageous, determined to preserve, and did not settle for mediocrity. This powerhouse businesswoman even embraces opportunities to mentor young professionals. Ms. Shah also advocates for the elevation of small engineering companies. With her passion and commitment to parent entrepreneurship, Ms. Shah helps guide other females to their better business self.


It is false to perceive female entrepreneurship as impossible; however, many women doubt this notion due to poor self-image, which cripples their business life. Ms. Shah explains, due to the deficiency of mighty female idols in the business industry, some women can’t fathom themselves as inviolable or overpowering. Although there are 100 million female-owned businesses, men still dominated by a landslide, but that is not an excuse to shy away from your company. Learn more: https://shiakapos.com/long-before-stem-was-chic-there-was-smita-shah/


Ms. Smita Shah seamlessly identifies ten steps to help direct other businesswomen. To recap all ten, She states that women need to believe in themselves and should connect with their inner voice. She stresses to know your skills are worth respect and not to be afraid to “get dirty.” Present yourself with traits typically associated with male assertiveness and assume the commanding presence.


Ms. Shah further explains that it is easy to lose your spotlight to a more assertive male co-worker, but she reminds us to stay focused. Keep your eye on the prize and don’t present or receive special treatment from your male counterparts. Women have to exert more effort to get acknowledgment; that’s why female entrepreneurs must jump outside their comfort zone.

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