Philanthropist Jason Hope Shares His Passion For The SENS Foundation

Jason Hope is a futurist, investor, and philanthropist. He closely follows the technology industry in order to see where things are headed. He invests in technology companies such as those that create mobile apps, company’s that do search engine optimization, and business information systems. He once operated his own company which was a mobile communication firm.

He is a graduate of Arizona State University, including its W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason Hope that says he figured that if he had an MBA he ought to start a business and so that’s what he did. He had always been passionate about technology and so he chose that sector of the economy to work in. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms.

He invests in young entrepreneurs who have great ideas but no resources to draw on to start a company. He provides them with the support they need, including financially, that they need to get their business up off the ground. He has been making angel investments in high school and college student’s startups for the past several years.

While he donates money to a number of causes, Jason Hope is especially passionate about the nonprofit SENS Foundation. He believed in their mission enough to donate $500,000 to them. This nonprofit is looking to repair the damage that aging causes, including age-related diseases. This organization is looking to provide people with more years of living a healthy and productive life.

The SENS Foundation has a research center located in Mountain View, California. they have partnered with other nonprofits as well as universities for their research efforts. They also hold conferences such as the series Undoing Aging that takes place in Berlin, Germany. The team at the SENS Foundation shares its research with healthcare professionals, world policy-makers, and regular people.

It was in 2010 that Jason Hope became aware of the SENS Foundation and its mission. The money he donated to this nonprofit was used to build the Cambridge SENS Laboratory. They also used some of the money to establish another research program designed to understand the aging process. Jason Hope said he was proud to donate money to such promising research.