Ten Great Wine Merchants to Check out in UK

Wine and alcoholic beverages are a common interest shared around the world. Many different countries have wine models that they specialize in. Wine that is only made in a certain area will have to shipped and distributed across the globe. The United Kingdom has quickly grown as a valued wine producer. They have several incredible wine merchant shops. Each shop has a different theme and new products to try.

Here is the top ten shops in the United Kingdom:

1) Laithwaites was created in 1969. It all started with a young student washing bottles who had a love for wine. He started delivery wine products to all of his friends and family. Now Laithwaites is considered the No.1 home-delivery wine merchant. There website is known for its security and ease of use.

2) Ten Green Bottles has a number of big customers that they distribute to. This includes but is not limited to restaurants, eateries, and convenience stores. One of their big customers is Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck and Locanda Locatelli. They are constantly showing off their smaller prized possessions.

3) Yapp brothers was founded in 1969. They specialize in French regional wines and was named Specialist Wine Merchant of the Year for the Rhône. The distribute many of their products from various small vineyards. It is hard to find these products anywhere else.

4) Highbury Vintners has a fancy website that helps you find the exact model of wine that you like within your budget. There store is in North London and their site works very well too.

5) Berry Brothers and Rudd have been in operation since 1698. They are well known for their wide selection for products. They have items from sale under five euros and some fancy bottles for over 100. Check out all their deals and sales online.

6) Swig is known to have affordable wines for sales that are high-quality. They have wines imported from just about every country.

7) From vineyards direct has a great selection of wines from around the world. Their website is easy to use and they even have a referral program.

8) Corks Out is known for its selection of affordably prices wines. Also unlike most retailers in the United Kingdom you can specify when to deliver.

9) Lea and Sanderman is an independent wine vendor specializing in foreign wines. Their site is very detailed and easy to navigate.

10) The sampler has received numerous awards for its quality and specialty selections. They have over 1000 products to choose from.

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Luxury Apartments Hope to Bring Change to New Brunswick

A new luxury apartment complex in New Brunswick, New Jersey, looks to bring about change to a neighborhood more known for criminal activity than upscale apartments and amenities in recent years. While this complex offers a significant change for the area, it’s success will depend on attracting new residents to an area more associated with police blotters than upscale living.


The Quincy, which opens early this year, is making a strong attempt to woo new residents to this area. The complex offers a number of more upscale amenities for residents, such as a rooftop pool, garage parking, and a fitness center. Additionally, the website prominently talks about their proximity to downtown New Brunswick, public transportation, and the Amtrak station.


There are serious issues facing management of the Quincy, however. The area around the complex has seen an uptick in crime in recent years. This poses a potential problem for the complex’s management and their efforts to attract new residents to New Brunswick.


Two high-profile instances of criminal activity could be particularly problematic for the management of the Quincy. In late 2012, a pizza delivery man was robbed at gunpoint by several individuals. Police charged Parysh Wood, also known by his street names “Pistol” or “P Gun,” in connection with the crime. According to news reports, police were also looking for other suspects in connection to the crime.


In October 2015, another shooting occurred in the area. This time, an individual was injured and transported to a local hospital in a private car shortly after calls were placed to police regarding multiple gunshots in the area. According to the latest updates from news outlets, police were still searching for the suspect, who could only be described as “wearing a hoodie.”


These reports of criminal activity create difficulties for management at the Quincy. While the amenities offered will help attract residents, many people in Quincy’s target demographic will undoubtedly be concerned about the overall criminal activity in the area.


However, the Quincy also presents an opportunity for this neighborhood of New Brunswick to experience a rebirth. High-end, luxury apartments with quick access to public transportation and modern amenities should bring new residents to the area.


In an area gaining fame for criminal activity, new apartments like the Quincy offer an opportunity for change. New apartments, new residents, and potentially a new hope for New Brunswick. The question for neighborhood residents now, though: will this be enough? Or will the area still be best known for police reports?


Moving Along: Planning Transportation Systems for Austin’s Future

A lot of people are moving to Austin, Texas. Migration has made the city and its surrounding Williamson County suburbs one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States. Of course, more people means more traffic and all of the transportation challenges that go with urban growth.


For the past 19 years, the Austin Business Journal has sponsored the annual Williamson County Growth Summit. The 2016 meeting, held on December 15, focused on transportation issues. The summit brought together policymakers and business leaders. It focused on transportation technology and traffic problems presented by rapid suburban growth. Participants included Mike Helligenstein, Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, and Leandre Johns, Uber Technologies Inc. Texas External Affairs Director.


Helligenstein emphasized the need for more roads. He said this is especially true in the suburbs, which is where most of the increase in population and traffic is taking place. He supports expansion of mass transit, but pointed out that this is likely to be offset by rapid growth. Technology is a key. Helligestein says Austin needs roads that are more efficient, smarter and technologically advanced.


Modern communications technology has opened up new possibilities for managing urban traffic, according to Leandre Johns. As an example, he described a “first and last mile” concept. The idea is to coordinate ride sharing like Uber with public transportation to make it easy for commuters to get to and from bus stops. The easier this is, Johns says, the more consumers will be attracted to public transit ans an alternative to driving.


Another topic raised at the summit was the need to consider how changing transportation technology will affect policy issues like building codes. For example, the advent of autonomous (self-driving) cars, hybrids and all-electric vehicles offers interesting options. A parking garage with clearance of no more than five feet, complete with built-in charging stations, is one option. However, innovations like this require changes in building codes.


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is the key public institution for addressing transportation issues in the area. It was created in 2002 to provide a unified and independent transportation agency for Travis and Williamson counties. CTRMA is overseen by a seven-member board of directors.


CTRMA Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein spent 23 years as an elected official before assuming his current position. He is a widely recognized expert on urban transportation issues. Heiligenstein is a graduate of Tex&s A&M University, and holds master’s degrees in business and government.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny: Developing Anti-Cancer and Anti-Aging Strategies

Mikhail Blagosklonny is an accomplished researcher, scholar, and professor. He attended the First Pavlov State Medical University in St. Petersburg where he graduated with a Master’s in Internal Medicine and a Doctorate in Cardiology and Medicine. He started his career in New York at the New York Medical College as an associate professor on impactjournals.com. He later moved to the Ordway Research Institute to become a scientist and stayed there for seven years. Mikhail then became an oncology professor at the Roswell Cancer Institute. He holds the position to date. The Institute employed Mikhail because of his revolutionary research and how he could impact cancer treatment. He has proposed novel ways of cancer treatment and prevention. The management at the Institute believes that new anti-cancer treatments could be developed with the resources and the team at the Institute.

Mikhail Blagosklonny’s work has mainly revolved around cancer and therapies that can be used to combat the disease. He has also been involved in the various types of aging mechanisms and drugs that can be used to delay aging. His research led him to work on rapamycin and its relation to anti-aging. He is one of the more vocal backers of the drug as a life extension drug, and he has done the research to prove it. He has worked with Novartis (the pharma company) to try and develop a drug that could ultimately extend life. Mikhail has written theories on cell cyclotherapy, aging, and chemotherapy and how these areas relate to cancer. Mikhail has published over 300 articles which have been cited more than 20,000 times. He has an h-index of 83 which is a measure of the impact that a scholar has in the scientific field. The more citations a scholar receives, the higher an h-index he has.

Mikhail’s work in oncology involves everything to do with cancer. It led him to start Oncotarget on Impact Journals. Oncotarget is a journal that publishes oncology papers weekly and has been instrumental in the progression of cancer research. The paper also publishes articles in fields that relate to cancer including endocrinology and neuroscience. He is the founding Editor of Cell Cycle and is its current Editor-in-Chief. He is an associate editor of Cancer Biology and Therapy. Mikhail has been an associate editor of Autophagy, The American Journal of Pathology, and the International Journal of Cancer. He is a member of the editorial board of Cell Death and Differentiation. This is a board whose members are some of the top scientists and biologists in the world.

Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikhail_Blagosklonny

The Reason Why Norka Martinez Luque Believes in Miracles

Norka Martinez Luque has a lot to tell the people. She wants to tell us how she believes in miracles. Because of miracles, her life is full of success. She comes from a humble family in the heart of Venezuela. According to Eimilio Estefan, the young legendary musician has all it takes to become a star. She has proved to the people that she is the future of music in Venezuela and the world. Norka Luque was born with the sound of music. According to her mother. Music would make her sleep. When she was asleep, she would be woken up with the slightest hint of music. Her parents knew the secret to make her stop crying whenever she was annoyed.

When she was 8, her parents decided to take her to a music class. While undertaking her normal education, she had music lessons in the evening. She excelled at the surprise of both his parents and students. In numerous occasions, her teachers would call her a star. Her parents believed in miracles. They believed that one day she would make them happy. For Norka, music is not all about creating flamenco and playing the piano. However, it is about creating a lasting impact in the lives of your listeners to make a difference in their lives. For this reason, she has determined to create music full of hope. Norka Luque wants to turn the world into her music. As a matter of fact, she keeps practicing on a daily basis to keep up with the trend.

At a tender age, Norka made her first music production at a local competition in school. She recorded the song “Shakira Anthology” and sang other songs. According to the judges, the local competition had nothing to discuss. The people had chosen their winner. Norka was the winner. For this reason, she was awarded a music scholarship opportunity. Her parents supported her at every curse in her studies. For her to compete at these trending world, she kept teaching herself the art of piano and flamenco.

Her desire to excel in music made her come to the United States. She wanted to give the community the legendary music and continue with her music. During this time, she got the rarest opportunity to meet the well-known music producer Emilio Estefan. Emilio liked her music and extended an invitation to the studio. She perfected on vocals which were her main gift in music. Emilio brought her to the music world.

The Amazing Facets Of Lovaganza

Lovaganza is a company divided into two separate parts. The first is a franchise making films designed to have a major global impact. These films are made to support the second part of the company, the Lovaganza Foundation. This foundation operates on a strictly not for profit basis.

Immerscope is a factor in Lovaganza that allows people to watch movies, enjoy unique shows, see specialized exhibits and experience special attractions. This includes three dimensional glasses, for added enjoyment in the pavilions featuring these films. The goal is to provide new experiences and create a sense of unity among different cultures. This is a type of technology capable of combining past, present and future together as one experience.

Another aspect of Lovaganza is their incredible traveling show. This show of Lovaganza appears in eight different locations throughout the world. An animated series explores cultures all over the world, and covers their differences and similarities. This showcases the importance of the worlds people acting as one. This series is called The Marvelous Twelve. Another Lovaganza original explores many different continents, and showcases what makes all the people in the world so unique. This feature has been aptly named Walk Around The World.

The Lovaganza franchise is definitely thinking outside of the proverbial box on Vimeo. They embrace a completely different outlook and a very unique lifestyle. They immerse themselves in various cultures to learn, explore and increase their knowledge about how different people in the world live, how they act, and what they believe. They then share all of that knowledge with the world. Their coin phrase for this is to go on a bohemian adventure. They encourage people to start experiencing the world by exploration at http://lovaganza.wikidot.com/. The amazing cultures, gorgeous clothing, reading materials and beautiful music make this a trip definitely work taking. Their celebrations will really take off in 2020.

Lovaganza will launch their Hands Across The World program in 2020. This is designed to unite the many continents stretching the length of the world. This event will demonstrate millions of people all holding each others hands from all across the world. The idea is to create a chain of unity among all of the people worldwide. They have the technology to send this spectacular chain over the oceans, the deserts and even the mountains of the world. A unity machine will ensure people have the ability to connect with the other continents with the touch of a screen.

Lovaganza is plain and simple on a mission for humanity. They are striving to bring the worlds cultures and people together. They understand that with knowledge comes understanding, and with understanding comes acceptance. Their philosophy basically states anything is possible throughout the world if you have an open heart.

Norka Luque Defined who She is at an Early Age

Being born in Venezuela can be a challenge for people that want to pursue a musical career. The opportunities that exist in Venezuela are overshadowed by a socialist government that hinders more than helps the people. But 30-year-old, Caracas-born, Norka Luque was able to make an impression on audiences in Caracas at the age of eight. Norka was cast in a musical production that honored the music of Shakira, one of Venezuela’s musical superstars. Norka left Venezuela with her parents, and they settled in the Miami area. That’s where Norka went to school and took voice and piano lessons.

Instead of continuing her studies at a college in the United States, Norka decided to study in France. She earned a business degree as well as degrees in fashion and the culinary arts there. Norka also became the lead singer in s rock band while she studied. The band, Bad Moon Rising, played at local clubs and Norka developed a loyal following. After graduation, she was hired by a financial institution in Monte Carlo. Luque worked for about a year, and in 2007 she decided to come back to the states.

Norka redefined who she was when she returned to Miami. Her fashion training and her voice were the tools she needed to land a job singing in Miami. It didn’t take long for people to notice Norka’s talent. The Grammy-award winning producer Emilio Estefan thought her incredible voice was unique, and he thought her sense of fashion put her in a rare league. Estefan signed Norka to a recording contract, and she was on her way to stardom. But breaking into the mainstream music scene is not easy, even though her first single was a hit in the Latino music world. Her second single, Milagro, was another hit in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and other Latin American countries, and the song even caught the attention of the mainstream music lovers. Norka’s 2016 release, Tomorrowland, is another crossover hit. Norka is becoming a recognized name in the music world.

The road to stardom is filled bumps and bruises, but Norka is traveling down that road with the tools she needs to become one of the greats in music.  She appreciates all she has been given, and that appreciation is what defines her as a person.

All about Norka’s Music: http://www.norkamusic.com/

Securus Video Visitation – Helping Inmates And Their Families Come Together

For these families, communication is important not because it solves challenging issues, but also because it helps strengthen the family bond. Perhaps, it is one of the reasons why families spend countless hours visiting their loved ones in the prison. Such visits are not easy because someone, usually only one parent, has to work full-time to sustain the family, which makes it even more difficult to get days off to visit the prison. Perhaps, strengthening the bond is so important that many families spend a large proportion of their monthly bill on making calls to the prison.


Securus Video Visitation is one of such products, which allows families to call inmates using video technology. For inmates, video calls are instrumental in helping them contact with their families. In fact, video visitations allow inmates to attend almost any kind of events from birthdays to Christmas and graduation ceremonies. Similarly, the video visitation software is so powerful that it also allows prisoners to share homework with their kids. All these services are made available through Securus Technologies, which is known for its high-tech innovative products.


The Securus Video Visitation is unlike other products in the industry because it provides a crystal clear video, which is only possible through high-data transfer. In addition, engineers at Securus Technologies also ensured that there are no glitches during the video relay. The end result is a power piece of video technology that is easy to install and user-friendly. Anyone with a smart phone, tablet or computer can easily use it without any interference. Watch more on youtube.com.


The team behind the product are dedicated professionals from Securus Technologies. As such, the company is one of the largest providers of prison communication technologies in the United States. Founded in 1986, the Dallas based enterprise is known for its safety solutions, emergency response and related prison products, which are used by more than 3,400 state and private institutions. It is also one of the few companies in the industry that publishes its official rates without gimmicks. Similarly, the innovation at Securus Technologies is represented by nearly 140 patents making it one of the largest firms in the industry that spends a considerable revenue on research and development services.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Crafting A Successful Career in Financial Investment Markets

Sam Tabar is the currently serving as Chief Financial Officer at Awearable Apparel, and also the Chief Operating Officer at Full Cycle Energy Fund, a company based in New York. He has a wide background in legal training, having attained his first degree in Law from the University of Oxford, and later on pursuing the same from Colombia Law School. Sam Tabar has maintained a passion in Financial Markets since College and went on to start his career as an associate for Slater, Skadden, Flom LLP and Arps, immediately after graduating from Columbia Law School.

In his position as an Associate for the Investment companies, his role included providing advice to his clients on the best structures to establish, that will be in accordance with basic regulatory and compliance laws relating to the hedge funds, and any other legal requirements pertaining the whole employment system for his clients. Despite the success that came with being an associate, Sam opted to exclusively focus in strategy and investing. He left Skadden and began working for PMA Investment Advisors as a Financial Analyst. In his new career, his role was to manage a $2 billion hedge fund.

He incorporated the strategies with his own personal talents targeting potential investors, both institutional and individual. Through this, he was able to bring together a personal Rolodex listing over 2000 potential investors. Among the potential investors, he narrowed down and produced over 400 that he saw worthy of further discussions in possibly investing in the Hedge Fund. This capability attracted attention from the founding partners of the firm that led to him being given additional responsibility to engage with both the CEO and the founders on matters business development. He helped the company increase its assets by over $1.2 Billion.

The successful investment experiences of Sam Tabar heightened his demand by other law firms and investment companies worldwide. Sam is also a traveler, having visited different nations and interacting with different cultures around the world.

Caring About Dallas

Have you heard the huge news? Just a few days ago, NexBank Partnered with Dallas Neighborhood Homes. Their goal in partnering? To expand affordable homeownership in Southern Dallas! Dallas Neighborhood Homes is a non-profit mortgage servicing provider that works with Habitat for Humanity in providing low-income families with housing throughout Dallas. NexBank decided to jump on the bandwagon and contribute $50 million in loans to support the expansion of the program over the next five years. In addition to Nexbank offering mortgage-lending capital, they are also offering homeowners $2,000 in closing costs per loan. They are wanted to give back to Dallas, Texas and this is a very generous way in which to do so.

Nexbank offers financial services to corporate, institutional and individual customers. The chairman of Nexbank is James Dondero, and Nexbank is located right in the heart of Dallas, Texas. It is the 16th largest bank in the state of Texas, and the 266th largest bank in the nation. Nexbank was established in 1934 and has grown to nearly ninety employees since it’s establishment.

The unique attribute of Nexbank is that is an online banking service. Pretty much everything that you can walk into a bank and do, you can do through Nexbank right online. It offers personal checking accounts, savings accounts, mortgages, and mobile banking along with many other financial services. They partnered with Dallas Neighborhood Homes to try and give back to the community in which they were established in. They have a highly advanced trained staff that is knowledgeable and that also cares about the well-being of their customers and clients. In large banking cooperations that is often difficult to come across.

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