Nespresso Uses to Make the World a Better Place

Nespresso are the latest in a long list of companies that is using’s enormous infrastructure to help with its environmental responsibilities. has a long history with its own environmental campaign.

For years the company has worked to make sure it reduces waste and pollution. has made many changes to the way in which it processes and packages and delivers the billions of items it sells. has been an industry leader when it comes to how it packages it items. has changed everything from how much tape it uses on packages to the type of green boxes that it uses.

The delivery process has also been revolutionized. uses drones and electric cars to make deliveries, and it is using hydrogen powered trucks to make the last mile of every journey carbon free.

It is with all of that in mind that the coffee company Nespresso partnered with The Chinese drink million of cups of coffee, and when they use Nespresso they are also using millions of capsules. has introduced a way to recycle those coffee pods. The recycling program had been available to certain companies but now any customer can have their used pods picked up from their house. will then transport those pods to a recycling plant. There are three based in Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou. Once the pods are at the plant, they will be recycled into various products that can be used. Even the old coffee grains that are left in the pod are turned into fertilizer.

That fertilizer is used at Nespresso’s eco-farm on Chongming Island, by the Yangtze River near Shanghai. Alfonso Troisi, Business Executive Officer Greater China of Nespresso said that he is proud to be making a difference and to be working with the world’s largest e-retailer to make the world a better place.