MAGFAST works fast

When you have an iPhone or a tablet or an Android phone and you need to find a way to charge all your devices, there are a couple of options out there. If you are wanting to find a way where you can charge your devices without having a giant pile of cords, then a wireless charger like MAGFAST is where someone needs to turn.

The company is relatively new, having been crowdfunded in 2018. The creator, Seymour Segnit had an idea to come up with a wireless charger that can work better than what is currently on the market and still be relatively cheap.

The MAGFAST is different because it can plug right into the wall, or right into your car charger and then allow you to charge anything that allows for wireless charging. When you plug it into the wall, you can simply put your phone on top of the MAGFAST.

The charger uses magnetism in order to keep things in place, making your workplace stay nice and tidy. There is also the fast charging that is the other part of the name. This might not be something that was put out by Apple or Google, but it works perfectly with both of those lines of products.

That means that you can outfit your whole family with this wireless charger and make sure that everything is full charged. This is truly the kind of idea that made Segnit popular in the tech world. He’s long built himself a career as someone who knows all about “internet marketing” and he knows when there’s a product that is going to make everyone quite happy. The MAGFAST is one of those that can stand out in a crowded field because of it’s look and it’s performance.