MAGFAST Changes The Game

When it comes to not just charging but how we charge our devices, there hasn’t been a ton of innovation. That is about to change, if Seymour Segnit can deliver on the MAGFAST promise. This family of chargers does seem to be unique enough that it could change the way people look at the mess and clutter that most regular chargers are causing.


The MAGFAST Chargers are different because they are meant to make as little mess and clutter as possible. These chargers are relying on magnets to get that job done, but they are also relying on the fact that many of these will plug directly into the wall or the car charger so that there is at least one less cord to have to worry about.


Segnit has gone on record as saying that when he came up with MAGFAST he wanted to create a charger that was going to be one that he and his family would like to use. It appears as though he has at least done this. There is quite a bit of demand for them outside the Segnit home as well. See This Article to learn more.


When MAGFAST chargers were first offered up as part of a crowdfunding campaign, they were an instant hit. The campaign made all the money it needed in a matter of hours. Everything after that was just an indication of how popular the devices were going to be to the average consumer.


One of Segnit’s big draws when it comes to the MAGFAST Chargers is that there is one for almost any kind of situation. If you are someone who wants to get less clutter in your kitchen, while still charging your devices, there’s a way to do that. If you are someone who needs a good charge when you are on the go, there’s an answer there as well. Find Related Information Here.


The six chargers provide charging for every possible need. This includes the dependable standard LifeCharger, as well as the LifeCharger Extreme that contains enough power to jump start a car. The TimeCharger is perfect for anyone with a smartwatch. The RoadCharger creates four USB outlets out of one car’s 12v outlet, and the AirCharger wirelessly charges devices while the WallCharger can also wirelessly charge all of the other Magfast Chargers.


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