Maarten de Jeu Gives Advice on Investing

Maarten de Jeu is a dynamic professional within the world finance sector. He is the CEO and founder of SVM Business Advisory, a company he established in 2012 as a need to use all of his skills to advise and consult with world-class CEOs of Fortune 100 companies. 

Maarten de Jeu has always worked within the finance sector and has gained experienced allowing him to use this expertise to help senior executives the world over glean financial know how to work on financing and funding for important projects they have. 

De Jeu is a financial strategist sought by fortune 100 clients for his eclectic mix of technical skills, industry knowledge and international business experience focused primarily on North America, Asia, and Europe. 

Despite the high echelons through which he moves Maarten de Jeu has put a short hold on his busy schedule to offer sound financial advice for investors of all sizes, including the very small investor. In a recent interview, he mentioned that commercial real estate was a sound investment and should be a part of the framework for all other investments. 

Commercial Real Estate Investing Is The Way To Go

Maarten De Jeu suggests that commercial real estate should make up a part of every investor’s portfolio in some way. He explains that adding commercial real estate investments is one of the safest investments to make. It represents little risk and a higher return because most commercial properties retain their value and are usually very inflation resistant. 

Available to Everyone

Best of all, he mentions, commercial real estate is available now to investors of all sizes, where just a few decades ago this type of purchase was only available to the larger corporate investor. Today, smaller investors can participate in the returns offered by commercial investments by pooling their money to purchase these more expensive properties. 

What Is Commercial Real Estate?

We refer to commercial real estate such as apartment buildings, office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing buildings. These types of property are not as highly influenced by inflation, offer higher income possibilities and often increase in value the longer they are held. This type of investment is a bit more expensive than a single-family home but can also be more lucrative. 

Maarten de Jeu tells us that thanks to the JOBS Act of 2012, investors of all sizes can now use crowdfunding means to find the necessary investment capital for commercial property. Prior to this time, this type of investment was only available to large investors. Learn more:

The Pros

Investing in commercial properties has a lot of advantages. It is less volatile than the purchase of stocks and bonds and the property offers more security and does not depend on market fluctuations. 

Property is a hard asset that is rarely affected by inflation. Savvy investors can protect themselves against the risks involved in investing by choosing commercial property. In addition, this type of property offers an income in the form of the monthly rent which can escalate over the long-term. 

Diversifying is Important to Investing Well

Maarten de Jeu informs us that investing is about diversification and the commercial property offers one of many options, but the benefit is that this is a relatively secure investment that does not fluctuate in price.

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