Lessons from consultant and business expert Gustavo Martinez

An article from Blogwebpedia gives a rundown on individual Gustavo Martinez and his advice to other businessmen and people in the advertising or marketing industry. Martinez, in general, has been a part of some brilliant ads and marketing tactics. The businessman worked at some talented firms such as Price Waterhouse and Henkel. Some of his top positions include being the president of McCann World Group and Mather and Ogilvy. Gustavo Martinez shifted his focus away from the advertising and marketing industry to become an entrepreneur, which is what he does now presently. The entrepreneur lists that marketing is a creative talent and one that can not just be learned. People who work in the advertising industry, according to Martinez, live different lives as they have the freedom and have to be creative to create messages. Working in that industry can be vastly different from typical jobs at the office. Even when it comes to marketing, Gustavo Martinez still credits that a lot of the success in that field comes from creativity. These creative individuals that he speaks about are consultants, or people who offer their own services to clients and businesses. They also do not do things normally like others living a normal lifestyle. They simply can not live that kind of life as their creative genius flows through them. Freedom is what drives them to produce great content. Gustavo Martinez works with a company called UV Business Acceleration to help out businesses as a majority of startups tend to fail within just 3 short years. Martinez reflects that the story of a product and how to market it can be the key to its success. More and more opportunities in the business world have caused failure that can happen with startups as the landscape is shaky and pretty competitive. He asserts that analytics can help out a business a lot. The consultant still looks to always learn new things and find new ways to do things. Even though he is not a CEO anymore, he still works at the office for many hours after eating breakfast to get ready for the day. Gustavo Martinez still believes in the value of teamwork and looks to keep team members motivated. He does this by giving anyone credit for positive results and by creating a good work environment to feel at home. Martinez shares that technology is rapidly evolving and that it will be able to do a lot of things never thought of before. One interesting approach of his is that people should do charitable acts but not be recognized for them out of the goodness of their heart and that he has been able to hold successful business by hiring the right kind of people for the job.


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