Jason Colodne: Managing Partner And Small Time Executive Producer

It’s not often that a financial executive gets involved in film, but Jason Colodne has played his part as an executive director for five different films in Hollywood, including Act of Valor, Paranoia, Brick Mansions, Earth to Echo, and Beyond the Lights. He has helped in the production of various other minor films as well, and he hopes to continue his producing career alongside his work at Colbeck Capital, where he currently maintains a position as managing partner.

Jason Colodne is responsible for co-founding Colbeck Capital back in 2009 alongside Jason Beckman. Under his current position, Jason oversees pretty much all of the company’s executions when it comes to investments and portfolio management. He is also the senior transaction partner responsible for managing documentation. See more at imdb.com

The Early Years Of Jason Colodne

Before getting started on his professional career, Jason Colodne studied in finances and history at the University of Pennsylvania, eventually earning his degree in 1994. Within three years, Jason managed to find a position at Goldman Sachs, a prestigious multinational investment bank headquartered in New York City. He was quick to take on higher responsibilities within the company, and within his first year, he became the Head of Distressed Research, Investing, and Hybrid Lending.

The seven years Jason spent at Goldman were good to him, offering him many opportunities and a boosted reputation in the financial industry. In 2004, Jason left Goldman Sachs to join with another well known financial institution in the United States, Morgan Stanley. After three years as the Director of Strategic Finances, Jason Colodne was convinced with his capabilities as a financial expert and executive and decided to found a venture of his own in 2008, Colbeck Capital.

Jason’s Film Production’s And Upstanding Work In The Community

Along with the professional duties that Jason Colodne has committed himself to, he has made a commitment to the community as a leader and a mentor. He currently maintains an active board member position at the Centurion Foundation in New York, which is responsible for helping the police force better connect with the people they represent and protect through community initiatives. He also acts as a mentor for young adults as a member of the Young Professionals Organization.

Films and their production was always an interesting topic for Jason, and as he rose up the ranks in the business world, he was able to test himself by easing his way into producing positions. In 2012, Jason Colodne was able to take on the role of executive producer for a major motion film, Act of Valor, which tells the story of an elite Navy SEAL team on a secret mission to recover a captured CIA operative. The films opening weekend saw sales reach more than double the total budget of the film, marking it as a success right away.

This first success as an executive producer, on a major film no less, opened up the door to several more films over the next few years which included actors like Gary Oldman and Amber Heard. Jason’s last executive production was in 2014, but he still has plans to produce more films as his professional career develops. See More: https://www.fandango.com/people/jason-colodne-131173