It Is Essential To Remember Gumps

Extravagant pieces of jewelry, luxury brands, precious gemstones, home furniture settings, and home decors, these are just the words that come with the brand Gump.

Guess what?

After being closed for almost a year, they are about to come back this fall of 2019.

Gump’s luxury department store was first established in the year 1861, where Solomon and Gustave Gump founded the Gumps. The store started as a humble mirror-and-frame shop and became famous throughout the years after the California Gold Rush, where frames were filled with art. Get Additional Information Here.

The success of the Gumps was burned down when an earthquake hit their original store at San Francisco in 1906, luckily they were able to cope up and were relocated to Union Square San Francisco California and New York City and based there until December of 2018.

Their store is known for selling expensive products such as gemstones, home furniture furnishings, pieces of jewelry, and the likes.

They also retail expensive brands such as Hermes and Buccellati that are appealing to the expensive taste of the people of San Francisco.

The Gump’s luxury department seems just one of the luxury brands values authenticity and expensive taste, but there’s more that makes their store special.

Gump’s has cultivated an iconic status throughout the years since they started back in the day.

They have catered to distinguished guests such as Franklin D. Roosevelt – the 32nd president of the United States who bought ship models and likes.

They’ve also served Sarah Bernhardt who purchased a bronze snake perfect for her role as Cleopatra.

But not only these distinctive guests makes the place more special, but also each of the people who had visited the store has their own unique purchases and remarkable memories to treasure and share. Read This Article to learn more.

One of these remarkable purchases was from the Chachas Family who bought a Buddha. The Buddha acquisition turned out to be an essential piece for them; according to them, they grew up with the part and felt the connection. Buying this piece, later on, turn out to be an investment hence, having the most significant shares in the company.


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