How Omeed Malik Built A Business


As a businessman who wants to help other business owners, Omeed Malik has built a career that includes many accomplishments.

In Blogwepedia’s “Q & A WITH OMEED MALIK”, Omeed share how he perfected various skills and how he answered his entrepreneurial calling, leveraging these skills and experience.

He laid the foundation for his career by earning both a law degree and a degree in Political Science and Philosophy. Malik began his career as a New Jersey representative spokesperson. He then became a corporate lawyer in New York. During his time as a corporate lawyer, he gained corporate experience in the public and private sectors.

This led to his position at MF Global, of Senior Vice President. His next career move would be to work for Bank of America and Merril Lynch as the worldwide leader of the Hedge Fund Advisory Business, where he also served as Managing Director.

Using the experience, Omeed Malik gained in these positions he went on to launch boutique merchant bank Farvahar Partners. It was designed to provide business owners with the ability to raise capital and to make sound financial investments. The bank also offers services advising entrepreneurs. Businesses that work with this bank are in a much better position to enable the prosperity and growth of each of their clients.

When asked what motivation he wants business owners to get from his company, he states that he works closely with each of the bank’s clients. By giving individual attention to each client Malik is showing his commitment to helping other business owners succeed. Malik strongly believes that young people should learn as much as possible about investment banking.

He also advises that any young entrepreneurs take a close look at the business they are in. Malik believes that when young entrepreneurs do this, they give themselves the power to create an atmosphere that is productive and creative. In doing so, they create an environment where everyone can learn, grow and thrive. This puts them in a better position for success. See Related Link for more information.


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