How GPB Global Resources Will Overcome Africa’s Peculiar Extractive Trends

It makes sense to most who are familiar with the sphere of oil extraction, as well as exploration, that attempting to run such operations in Africa would present challenges to a European entity. This is precisely the case for GPB Global Resources, which was founding in the famous Moscow, Russia, although it is now being run from further to the west because of its modern Dutch headquarters. Boris Ivanov’s restructuring efforts saw the firm shift its emphasis in 2011, and the well-informed Managing Director is proving himself as more than just a one dimensional founder. As far as exploring oil goes, the now Netherlands based firm takes on the African resource industry with a strong sense of professional optimism.

Some of the obvious challenges that Ivanov, as well as the determined GPB Global Resources, will need to clear are things like undesirable infrastructure conditions and the confusing regulatory statuses of resource extraction that are present in some of these areas. Due to the remote nature of GPB’s intended oil extracting hotspots, they will have to funnel finances into the creation of more proper types of infrastructures; this will protect both GPB workers are the African locals around such resource locations. Concerning legislation, working in more standardized extraction markets like Namibia is a smart option, although navigation resource sharing common laws successfully elsewhere could prove, within GPB Global Resources, to be outstandingly lucrative.

Finally, there is the issue of this continent’s contentious nature. Local conflicts, both minor and sever, are clearly abound. With Boris Ivanov’s uniquely useful diplomacy background at the ready, GPB Global Resources has a stark advantage over competing oil pursuers from Europe. Facing this diplomatic climate with GPB’s firm insistence on a timely and open intelligence exchange with the partnering governments where it will be extracting these resources is optimal. As a side note, Ivanov is not blind to the renewable energy movement’s disruptive nature on traditional sector. He stresses that GPB should invest in safer practices for things like inspections, surveying methods and extraction itself, alongside the increasingly important task of geological modeling in the long-term.

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