Highland Capital Management and Help With Equity Funds


Highland Capital Management hails from Dallas or “The Big D” in Texas. This is a firm that has a reputation for five-star professional assistance with alternative investment managing matters. The professionals who work for Highland Capital Management oversee public equities, mutual funds, structured investment vehicles and, lastly, hedge funds.

Mark Okada and James Dondero are the two businesspersons who keep things in check for Highland Capital Management. They’re the company’s Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and President respectively. Trey Parker is yet another credible player on the Highland Capital Management team. Find Related Information Here.

The firm started its trajectory in 1993. Okada and Dondero were the driven individuals who were behind its momentous launch. It presently employs 115 workers. It’s a Dallas business that has offices in metropolises around the planet such as Seoul, South Korea and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

How exactly did this big firm start out years and years ago? It was in charge of putting together the software that was supposed to stay on top of portfolios for loans. This software is a big thing among an abundance of professionals who have loan management jobs. JPMorgan Chase is a huge American company that purchased this imaginative software back in 2003. See This Article to learn more.

Highland Capital Management made the choice to go into the vast mutual fund sector in the spring of 2004. That’s exactly when the company got its hands on a mutual fund division that was set up by the Columbia Management Advisors crew.

Highland Capital Management secured NexBank in that same exact year. In the spring of 2005, it landed something that was called ING Capital Management. This purchase signified Highland Capital Management’s debut European efforts.

Highland Capital is an acclaimed firm, and has many devoted professionals on its team right now. These staff members put a lot of thought into all types of equity funds.

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