Gulf Coast Western, and the Oil and Gas Industry, Continue to Surge

Lately, the oil and gas industry has been doing quite well. Gulf Coast Western is one of the companies that has taken advantage of this. They have grown by creating partnerships with other companies, acquiring other companies and expanding their resources in the oil and gas industry.

Gulf Coast Western

Due to Gulf Coast Western’s acquisitions, it is now has a great combination of talent, resources, industry know-how and experience to continue to grow in the oil and gas industry. The company is focusing on its geological properties as well as the physical structures that it has to go along with the properties.

Gulf Coast Western was founded in 1970 as a family-owned business out of Dallas, TX. It also has locations in Colorado, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Louisiana. The company has expanded its footprint in southwestern Louisiana through some of its partnerships. Through these partnerships, it has acquired property rights as well as a large amount of 3D seismic data in southwestern Louisiana. They also have a share of 13 wells and 140 planned drilling locations that have around 30 million barrels of oil potential.

Other parts of their agreements will allow them to operate a large number of development wells in Louisiana, this is expected to produce around 800 barrels of oil daily. They have also acquired some 3D seismic data that will span around 42 square miles and will allow them to maximize production in that area. This is only a portion of the agreements and partnerships that they have going. They have many more that are truly helping to expand their business.

Gulf Coast Western

Aside from their current acquisitions and partnerships, which focus on exploration and leasing of existing activities in the Gulf Region, they are also looking to start operations in other parts of the United States. The company has already worked with over 1000 other companies and organizations, collaborating and partnering to explore, find and get oil and gas efficiently. With this work, they have all made a large contribution toward the current boom in the United States oil and gas industry.