Grupo RBS Launches its Publicly-Collaborative “We Live Together” Campaign

Grupo RBS has launched its new media campaign in April of 2019, with the motto “Grupo RBS. We live together.” The promoting film, created by Competence, was accompanied by the song “A Gente Vive Junto (The People Live Together)”, by Lulu Santos.


Duda Melzer Creative Director, “The company is certainly engaged with the public, and it seemed logical to create a campaign together.” Grupo RBS and Competence will present a video editing platform, open to the public, which permits over 59 billion combinations. The contributions most popular with the public will form the final version of the official film.


The campaign finally going live is the fruit of years working on the project, says Duda Melzer, CEO of Grupo RBS. The purpose of its current release is to set the stage for the company’s image perception during changes geared toward presenting itself as a business partner and contender for business integration. Prior to the release, Grupo RBS held focus groups with employees as well as partners and suppliers. Toigo met personally with as many as 400 employees, after which he selected 20 leads to conduct workshops of their own of around 15 people each.


The concepts Grupo RBS wants to convey are accessibility, courage, plurality and excellence. Toigo emphasizes the necessity for consistency in the brand, particularly in terms of the concept of life. In this endeavor, much of 2018 was devoted to bringing the company’s attributes to light and encouraging its team to recognize those attributes that most created a connection with Grupo RBS. This has resulted in the campaign’s current collaborative form, which, in like fashion, promotes airing Grupo RBS’s qualities while calling on the people of Rio Grande do Sul to put together their own video takes and share their favorite scenes. Toigo points out that the people will build the film they want. The final version that will go on air will consist of the scenes with the most votes and will show the many ways of seeing and participating.