Dick DeVos Helps Build A School In Grand Rapids That Is Dedicated To Aviation

Dick DeVos is a man who has always done everything in his power to make his country stronger. A lot of the work he has done has improved the state of Michigan and many of its cities, and he continues to work hard to do even more for his home state. DeVos ran to serve as the governor of Michigan in 2006, but things didn’t go his way as he lost his bid to the incumbent Democrat Jennifer Granholm. He was successful when he helped to pass a piece of legislation that changed Michigan from a state where a citizen must join a union to get a job to a right-to-work state where everyone can secure employment.


In 1991, Dick DeVos helped put a stop to a plan that could have change the course of Grand Rapids in a bad way for many years to come. The plan was to build a sports and convention arena in the city north of its downtown area. DeVos had already been witness to a similar plan that went sour in Detroit when the city’s sports teams left after it constructed the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills.


Instead of sitting by idly waiting for the bad news to come in, Dick DeVos picked up his telephone and began to build a lobbying effort. He was able to get many of the region’s business leaders to come together in the process. After the smoke cleared, the idea was laid to rest and DeVos had helped to put together a group that has done a lot for the city ever since. That group goes by the name of Grand Action, and it has been a part of the construction of many of the city’s most successful buildings.


Dick DeVos cares so much about Grand Rapids that he took the time to help build a charter school that focuses on the aviation industry. That school has been named The West Michigan Aviation Academy, and it is located inside of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. In the beginning, the school was held inside of a rundown office on the airport, but it is now holding classes in a building of its own. The school holds a public lottery every year, which functions to select the lucky student who will be able to attend there the following year.


Dick DeVos grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is the son of the billionaire Richard DeVos. He studied at Northwood University and earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration there. DeVos’s father founded Amway, and Dick DeVos worked with the company for many years. He eventually served Amway as its CEO for almost a decade and currently works with the Windquest Group as its founder.


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