Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s Vision for L’Oreal and the Environment

Dan Bethelmy-Rada, Global Brand President of MATRIX/BIOLAGE L’Oreal Professional Products Division, leads and manages the worldwide strategy of L’Oreal’s brand. His concern is with the formulation, manufacturing, and packaging of the full range of the brand’s products that are composed of 100% natural products and are 98% biodegradable. Bethelmy-Rada’s efforts for the last two years involve the creation of R.A.W, the brand’s all-natural, wholesome and authentic range.

In 2014, Dan Bethelmy-Rada became Deputy General Manager of Garnier International where he was responsible for marketing. Then, in February 2015, Bethelmy-Rada became Global Brand President of MATRIX and BIOLAGE L’Oreal Professional Products Division. In this capacity, he manages and leads the brand’s strategy worldwide, its image, the development of products and services, digital strategy, advertising, and education strategy. Along with the process of improving products for hairstylists as performed for MATRIX, there are concerted efforts to make all such products more environmentally safe.

In 2015, Bethelmy-Rada was named as Matrix’s and Biolage’s Global Brand President for the L’Oreal Professional Products Division a partnership with 1% for the Planet and Conservation International. The mission of this partnership is to never compromise on maintaining the naturalness of products in spite of constraints such as the costs associated with the goals. Dan Bethelmy-Rada stated that testing and verifying compliance with the criteria on the formulation of products and their packaging involved large investments that affected the prices of the final results. Yet, L’Oreal met the challenge.

Another challenge involved educating professions about using more environmentally-conscious products and methods in their salons. “We taught stylists and hairdressers from over 700 U.S. salons how to use less water and power as well as to how to make their daily routines more sustainable.” R.A.W.’s digital campaign sent the message to many people about living more conservatively. Daniel Bethelmy-Rada explained, “Our @Biolage Instagram account is packed with testimonials from bloggers and influencers, as well as fun videos that teach about living more sustainably every day.” In fact, some videos with humorous touches were viewed thousands of times. R.A.W. has received many positive reviews for its efforts in conservation, along with praise for its all-natural shampoo.

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