Traveling Vineyard Has Listed 5 Areas Of France You Must See

France is world renowned for their wine creations and has been applauded for their efforts for many years now. People travel to France from all around the globe every single year to experience not just the taste of wine, but also the wine making process. The ground and weather in France has proved ideal for grape development over the ages.

If you are one of those people that loves to know how things work behind the scene and how things have evolved over the ages, Traveling Vineyard has picked out the five best wine routes in all of France for that desire. Some of the worlds most well known wine creators open their doors to wine enthusiasts but it can be costly; the other option is to visit a smaller winery potentially hosting a bed & breakfast to take the experience to another level and save you some cash.

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Champagne is not just a delicious beverage but a place in France where true Champagne comes from. The Champagne Tribaut has zero charge for a tasting of their creations. They provide a relaxing atmosphere where you can munch on hors d’oeuvres in a salon or on a terrace that has spectacular views of the vineyard. With advance notice they are able to set up a tour of the cellar as well. Dom Perignon, the man acknowledged for creating Champagne, is buried nearby in Hautvillers.

The Alsace wine rout is stunning; you won’t be able to put your camera down. They host a variety of wine festivals towards the end of October which brings the area to life. Alsace is most famous for their Riesling and pinot noir productions, as well as gewürztraminer.

Burgundy provides Chablis in the north, Cote d’Or towards the center, and Lyon or Rhone towards the south. The Route des Grand Crus is the most famous route to take through Burgundy, which follows road N74. There are many signs to make traversing easy.

Bordeaux is in the Southwest portion of France and has a large variety of different roads to follow. There is six recognizable roads that will lead to a variety of wineries and restaurants.

Provence is a very large portion of France; the wine routes start in Toulon and work their way to Saint-Tropez. You’ll also see along the route, olive groves and lavender meadows. Provence is established for their rosé’s.

If for any reason you can’t make a trip out to France, your best bet is experiencing all the best France has to offer with Traveling Vineyard. They bring the worlds wine to your door so you can experience it first hand in the comfort of your home. You can become a wine guide which will allow you to share your findings with your friends and family by hosting a wine tasting. The tastings are free and allows wine lovers to make educated choices without risking the purchase of a bottle they don’t appreciate.