Sergey Petrossov and His JetSmarter Success

Sergey PetrossovSergey Petrossov is the 28-year-old founder of JetSmarter who says “when you go all-in as an entrepreneur, you don’t look back.” This may be true because today the company has 260 employees compared to the messily 50 they had just in 2015. JetSmarter offers four different flight routes, both scheduled and on-demand so people can make flights depending on their life schedules.

The basic idea of JetSmarter came to Sergey Petrossov back in the year 2009. He and some friends were taking a flight to South Florida and he was completely shocked that the only way to reserve the flight was to call the company directly. He noticed that the system that most of the companies were using was really complicated and confusing for the customers. That’s also when he says that he realized that your average plane was only flying about 200 hours a year when they could be flying closer to 1,200 a year. This is when it was also figured that if everything was broke up by how many seats were on the plane then the cost of the flight could be significantly cheaper for the customer.

When people ask Petrossov at what time does a JetSmarter membership become convenient for a business or frequent flyer? His response to this often asked question is “with our clientele, the financial numbers don’t always attract them to our services, its the lifestyle.” People have also asked about the New York and New Jersey area airports to figure out which ones are compatible with JetSmarter to which his response is “the most prominent private aviation airports in New York City are Teterboro and the Westchester County, White Planes.”

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Powerhouse Businesswoman Smita Shah

In a male-dominated industry, world-renowned engineer, Ms. Smita Shah shares her empowering story motivating female entrepreneurs entering or affiliated in the engineering industry. Ms. Shah boldly exposes the impediment women face, confidently addresses the issues in the industry, and proves that women are just as much a CEO as their male counterparts. In only ten steps, Ms. Shah seamlessly guides Female professionals to their better business self. 


In Ms. Shah’s youth, she occupied herself with math problems later using her gift in “math relays” at university. Now Ms. Shah is President and CEO of SPAAN Tech, Inc., an engineering firm that supplies alternative solutions for the most challenging technical projects. The company was founded in 1998, Ms. Shah’s company rated one of the top businesses that address intricate technical projects with mastery. 


As an Indian-American woman, Ms. Shah states “the room for error is tiny” in the engineering industry, and it was not a walk in the park landing big projects. Ms. Smita Shah was courageous, determined to preserve, and did not settle for mediocrity. This powerhouse businesswoman even embraces opportunities to mentor young professionals. Ms. Shah also advocates for the elevation of small engineering companies. With her passion and commitment to parent entrepreneurship, Ms. Shah helps guide other females to their better business self.


It is false to perceive female entrepreneurship as impossible; however, many women doubt this notion due to poor self-image, which cripples their business life. Ms. Shah explains, due to the deficiency of mighty female idols in the business industry, some women can’t fathom themselves as inviolable or overpowering. Although there are 100 million female-owned businesses, men still dominated by a landslide, but that is not an excuse to shy away from your company. Learn more:


Ms. Smita Shah seamlessly identifies ten steps to help direct other businesswomen. To recap all ten, She states that women need to believe in themselves and should connect with their inner voice. She stresses to know your skills are worth respect and not to be afraid to “get dirty.” Present yourself with traits typically associated with male assertiveness and assume the commanding presence.


Ms. Shah further explains that it is easy to lose your spotlight to a more assertive male co-worker, but she reminds us to stay focused. Keep your eye on the prize and don’t present or receive special treatment from your male counterparts. Women have to exert more effort to get acknowledgment; that’s why female entrepreneurs must jump outside their comfort zone.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Helping Organize Your Assets

HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisors are dedicated to getting you ready to plan your estate out for the rest of your life. HCR Wealth Advisors help people plan out how their assets will be spent, where and how it will get saved away, and how their assets will get distributed when the day comes that they are no longer able to take care of their assets or after they pass away. The goal that HCR Wealth works toward when helping you plan out your estate is making sure your assets are squared away neatly as quickly as possible and in the most tax-efficient manner as possible. Doing this kind of planning can be difficult as it causes a person to think about what they want to be done with their things after they die, but it is vitally important to take time to plan for these things so that it is one less thing for your family to worry about in the event of your death. There are a few documents that you will need to work on to properly take care of when making your estate plan and HCR Wealth Advisors are here to walk you through every part of it.

Write your will

You need to have a will so that you can have what you want to be done with your assets written down on paper in the case of your death. The will also include what you want to happen to your children if you and their other parent pass away so you know they are going to be taken care of. When making a will, you want to pick out a primary and a secondary representative who will be in charge of making sure your will is carried out properly.

Power of attorney for finances

This document grants one person to make the financial decisions for you in case you become incapacitated. This document will give the person the power to act in your best interest and take care of you and your assets as best as they can.

Health care directive

HCR Wealth Advisors will help clients write this living will which will give a person the power to make the decision for how your health care should go if you can’t make that decision. For example, they will follow out your wishes if you want feeding tubes, life support, etc.

It is important to start this process sooner rather than later and begin at least writing a draft so that you can ensure your assets, health, and finances are squared away and organized.

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Marc Beer

One of the co-founders of a company called Renovia is Marc Beer. He also holds the position of chief executive officer and he currently sits on the chairman of the board as well. Marc Beers company Renovia is a pharmaceutical company. Marc Beer has experience in the areas of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, devices, and diagnostics. He has done developmental and commercialization work in all of these industries. The two other co-founders who had a hand in founding Renovia with Marc Beer is Ramon Iglesias MD and Yolanda Lorie. The three of them open the doors for the company in 2016. Marc Beer has a successful track record for founding companies. In 2000 of April he founded a company called Via Cell and he was also the chief executive officer of this company.


The company’s focus and specialization were in collection, preservation, and development of umbilical cord blood stem cells. It took Marc Beer seven years to grow the company to more than 300 employees. Marc Beer is a proven leader and has shown the ability to build and grow a successful company. Marc Beer has just been recently appointed to the chairman of the board of a surgical device company called LumeNTX. The specialty of LumeNTX is that they develop a proprietary surgical illumination product line for minimally invasive surgery. The company appointed Marc Beer because they were impressed with his experience and leadership capabilities in his 25-year career. Marc Beer humbly accepted the position and was honored to be working with such an accomplished group of surgeons and engineers. Marc Beer also sees the necessity of LumeNTX this company will make more the minimally-invasive surgeries available. 


When surgeons were interviewed after using this new targeted illumination technology they stated that it improves a visualization, flexibility, and precision during a surgical procedure. LumeNTX is a unique technology because it reduces heat during surgery and it is low cost. The co-founder of LumeNTX states that they hired Marc Beer because he has extremely high levels of success when it comes to expanding companies globally and a creative high profitability margins. Marc Beer also launched commercial businesses that addressed the areas of rare disease and took these companies globally. The goal of LumeNTX is to improve surgical precision, workflow efficiency, and safety through enhanced and visualization. Learn more:


Marc Beer Impressive Career Life

When Marc Beer was growing up decades ago, he wanted to venture into a career that would help him help the communities all over the world. Today, he is a happy professional because he is the CEO, chairperson, and co-founder of a medical startup that goes by the name Renovia. By the time he was starting this institution, the executive had already served in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology section for more than twenty-five years. His mission was to empower and encourage technology advancement in the treatment of complex medical situations that keep many people awake in the night. According to the experienced healthcare professional, healthcare will only improve because of the use of modern technology. Medical engineers who have embraced technology have made it in the industry, introducing equipment and many other medical items that can save lives. 

Giving the best leadership to Renovia is one of the things that keep Marc Beer content. The task is always very challenging, but he takes each day at a time. Because the executive had the opportunity to serve as a CEO in a medical firm in the past, he has all the skills required for the job. The demanding career life has never stopped Marc Beer from engaging in other life activities. Many people do not know that Marc Beer has an exciting life away from the medical department. The healthcare executive attended an interview where he spoke about his passion and many other life events that make him happy. 

Many people do not know that Marc Beer has a family, and he loves to devote his time to them whenever it is possible. His children mean the world to him, and this is why he takes time to mature their relationship. When he is not with his children, Marc Beer prefers to think about the numerous ways he can advance his businesses and introduce technology in the medical sector. To ensure that he does not waste his time when he is at home, the executive says that he does not own any laptop, and instead, he uses what belongs to the children whenever he wants to use Google. The internet is a great tool in modern times, but it can ruin family relationships when it is misused. 

In the course of his career in business and healthcare, Marc Beer says that he has learned many valuable lessons. The professional realized that he had to learn from his own mistakes in business. Although it is painful, this is the only route modern investors have to use so that they can start successful organizations. Marc says that he once lost some significant amount of money because of an investment, but he learned his lessons and moved on. Learn more:


How Maarten De Jeu is Helping Build Up the Museum of Science and Industry

Successful professionals often get involved in things that are worthwhile. Maarten De Jeu is no exception. He is the founder of the SVM Business Advisory, and he’s going strong. Recently, he shared his passion regarding promoting the history of the bicycle.


The Science Spins program was recently held at the Museum of Science and Industry. At this time, this museum is now the largest in the Western Hemisphere. The advantage is that they intend to encourage teens in the Chicago area to get more excited about learning science.


This is held primarily during the summer months in an attempt to involve as many students as possible. The program is officially five weeks long, and there is coursework included to help offer guidance to the students that take part.


There are several areas of coursework for the students including:


  • Science


  • Public speaking


  • Leadership development


At the end of the program, the coursework will prepare students to give their own presentation on what they have learned and discovered during this time.


Although they are sharing their knowledge by speaking in front of the group, they will be giving a full presentation about what they’ve learned as a whole. This includes science activities and projects that are interactive. Students that choose to participate will be able to present in their community as well as at the museum.


The program had more than 40 teens that participated in 2014, and they held a program that was titled America’s Got Bubbles. The purpose of the show was to teach the chemistry background on how bubbles were formed and how they function. Learn more:


It was during this year that the students also made visits to more than 17 public library branches in Chicago, and they were participating in the Farrell Fellows Program. Other activities included teaching these students how to create tents out of newspapers, and the launch of model rockets.


Maarten De Jeu forged a successful career in finance, but he wanted to make a contribution to those who were less fortunate. At the heart of this was students, and making sure that they were learning important things early on in life.


There is no doubt that he personally has a love for science and all things related.

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Paul Saunders Shares Tips On How To Prevent Corporate Burnout

With the fast-paced operations of many workplaces right now, there is no telling when an employee could be suffering from employee burnout. Corporate burnout, employee burnout, or job burnout, is a very serious problem in each workplace. This is when an employee is so exhausted or stressed physically, mentally, emotionally, or all. It is one of the most powerful productivity killers and is also the hardest to curb.


James River Capital founder, Paul Saunders, has been in the industry for a long time. He already experienced how hard it is to deal with burnout and how destructive it is for the productivity and the efficiency of the operations. Saunders is the current Principal of James River Capital Corp, and the current chairman and CEO of James River Capital Corp and James River Financial Corp. To share his experience, here are the four signs that employees could be experiencing employee burnout. Learn more:


  1. The employee lost his or her control of time

It is normal in the office to set deadlines and other important dates that need to be met strictly. However, these deadlines are usually the best contributor to stress in most of the employees. When a deadline was not met, especially in big projects, it will snowball, making the employee more stressed. To prevent this, Paul Saunders advice giving each employee their time of the day before their work starts. The first ten or fifteen minutes of the day can be allotted for planning their goals for the day. This is one of the best ways to regain control over their time and avoid being stressed.


  1. The employee feels the lack of transparency

The lack of transparency happens when the employee feels like he or she is being left out of important decisions or promotions. This will cause negative feelings and makes the employee feel unmotivated to work. Lack of transparency usually happens when there is no effective communication to the employee and their supervisors. To prevent this, supervisors and managers should always practice transparency in each of their team members. It is also important to relay the reasons as to why the promotion opportunity is not given.


  1. The employee’s attitude changed

If a jolly employee suddenly became moody or easy to irritate, it is a major sign of employee burnout. This only means that the employee’s emotional state is also affected because of stress and exhaustion. Paul Saunders suggests that the manager should see through to it and make sure that the employee is able to disconnect from work when not in the workplace. Giving a hobby is one good example.


  1. The employee is second-guessing his or her work

When the employee made a mistake, he or she tends to second-guess his or her work after that. Loss of confidence can contribute to burnout, as well as less participation and contribution to the brainstorming. Giving manageable tasks and goals could bring up the lost confidence, as well as motivate the employee.

How to Hook the Readers in Press Releases

Do You comprehend why you keep examining an interesting or strange story? The hook sentence is liable to preserve customers like you to continue to find out more or keep intending to uncover what’s following.

If you’re an online marketer or a Public Relations professional, component of creating a paid press release distribution service is establishing an excellent hook of your tale. You require to maintain the viewers stay along with proceed to review the entire story, to make sure that they’ll be able to continue to the next degree.

There are numerous means to produce a hook. Normally, putting the hook at the beginning of your tale have to captivate the site visitors at once. It is important that you understand exactly how to do it along with usage it to your adhering to press release.

Highlight an uncommon scenario.

One way viewers take note of a story is when they reviewed something uncommon or unusual with the scenario or personalities. Being rare or exceptional is unusual for them. This would certainly maintain them to continue to have a look at to figure out what takes place complying with.

Starting with a problem.

I make sure you have encountered stories that begin with a concern. It’s indicated to get them prepared to find out more. You can ask any worries associated with the story to encourage them to take into consideration the reactions.

Asking inquiries is one implies to get their passion in addition to proceed reading your tale. Ensure to ask an uncommon issue to force them to do something about it than shrug it off.

Usage of descriptive words.

Location the viewers in the mood to discover your tale by urging them to utilize their creative creativity. Thorough words work to let them think of your account. It provides a view of what is happening.

Suggesting in the site visitor’s mind makes them feel affixed to the tale. It’s exceptionally useful that also after analysis, the scene lasts much longer in their minds.

Use an absolutely no hr.

Begin your news release with the crucial part of your story. Putting the hook at the start with a special min makes the audiences intend to proceed to look into to learn a great deal extra.

If you’re your story relates to the grand opening of your shop, you could mean to notify the readers the troubles you experience throughout your trip. They would certainly need to know your start, or how you reached your success so they’ll bear in mind.

Create a key.

One means to hook the readers is to start with an enigma. Mystery stories get the right amount of click-through due to the reality that it has the tendency to catch the viewers to determine what happens following.

It advises them to finish reading up until the bottom to learn. Making up a tale with enigma leaves them interested. They wish to learn the details as well as likewise uncovers the resolution to the enigma.

Start with the facts.

You may intend to begin with the facts concerning your tale. It should summarize it within 25 to 30 words. Prevent fancy words. Be right to the variable.

Shock the viewers.

The facet of surprise is an efficient feeling that acquires the audiences’ passion by testing their assumptions. Starting with something beyond the anticipated is one way to hook their minds to check out continually.

Remember that you can put the incorporate any type of component of your tale. However, it is generally positioned in the heading, subheadline or the preliminary paragraph.

If you’re locating it added testing to consider an outstanding hook for your web material, take motivation from the movie. They have actually grasped this art that they can keep the viewers enjoying up till completion.

You might want to begin considering a provocative and likewise interesting hook prior to composing your web material. Do not neglect to consider your writing, format as well as wording style. Reread, modify and additionally share it.

Desiree Perez: A Master Negotiator in the Global Music Industry

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is known for her reputation as a master negotiator. As the COO of Roc Nation LLC, she has been working alongside Jay-Z for many years. She moved to the entertainment company and record label in 2009. Here, she is in charge of daily operations. Her role also includes oversight duties for the company’s printing and labeling activities. Before this, Desiree Perez was working with Jay-Z’s company, Shawn Carter Enterprises, where she was also in charge of running operations, and expanding Jay-Z’s business interests.

As a Master negotiator, Desiree Perez is credited with negotiating major deals for Jay-Z. She was instrumental in 2017 deal between Tidal and Sprint. Sprint invested $200 million in Jay-Z’s music streaming platform which contributed a significant portion of the artist’s earnings that year. Additionally, using her negotiation skills, she gave Jay-Z a platinum status album before its official launch by offering one million downloads for the 4:44 album. By riding on the relationship between Sprint and Tidal, she accomplished this feat without breaking much of a sweat.

Desiree PerezHowever, this is not the only big negotiation Desiree Perez is credited with. In 2008, she was in charge of the $150 million deal between Live Nation and Roc Nation. She also negotiated Rihanna’s $25 million sponsorship deal with Samsung for the artist’s “Anti” tour. Desiree Perez makes negotiation look easy. As such, she is responsible for her artists at Roc Nation at the negotiation table. In addition to this, she is also responsible for the artists marketing and promotion strategies in the long term.

For someone whose career puts her in the public eye, Desiree Perez values her privacy. She only comes to the spotlight when need be. However, fans can engage with her through her social media pages such as on Twitter where she majorly tweets about the music industry. On her website, fans also get a glimpse of her interactions in the music industry by looking at her photo gallery.

The Idle Hands of Dr. Panos Gikas

Mr. Panos Gikas completed both his medical school and postgraduate training in London, England. He has achieved BSc(Hons), MBBS(Hons), MD(Res) and his Phd (FRCS).


Dr. Panos Gikas’ Memberships


  • European Musculoskeletal Oncology Society


  • General Medical Council


  • Royal College of Surgeons


  • British Orthopaedic Research Society


  • British Orthopaedics Association




Panos Gikas research and clinical medical endeavors have been circulated around the hip and knee reconstructions as well as the treatments of both soft tissue and bone cancer. His medical interests include but are not limited to:


  • The use of custom made (bespoke) instruments


  • Hip replacements with an anterior approach


  • Robotics for knee replacements


  • Management of major soft tissue and bone cancer




Panos Gikas has published and presented his medical views in London, England or various aspects of bone, knee, and hip replacement surgery.  Panos Gikas continues to lead laboratory and clinical research in those medical fields.


Dr. Panos Gikas Specialties


  • Trauma Surgery


  • Orthopaedics


  • Bone Cancer (Sarcomas)


Panos Gikas Specialist Clinical Interests


  • Primary hip and knee joint replacements


  • Revisions of hip and knee joint replacements


  • Complex hip and knee revisions and/or reconstructions


  • Knee arthroscopy and cartilage/stell cell transplantations for articular cartliage damage



  • Surgical Management of Metastatic Bone Diseases