James Dondero and Philanthropic Theories

James Dondero isn’t someone who is a stranger to education. He was well prepared for his vocation in the finance world. Investment banking is something that’s been a part of his universe for a long time now. Jim Dondero used to be a student at the University of Virginia. This is a public school in Charlottesville, Virginia that presents pupils with all sorts of educational program choices. James Dondero chose to learn all that he could about accounting and even finance. He had a big plan in mind as well. JP Morgan called and offered him a position that was promising. He soared in the position, too. That wasn’t the end of his experience with sizable American financial businesses. He also managed to get a job with American Express. He was a shining star with that company. All of this paved the way for something both novel and thrilling. Jim Dondero collaborated with Mark Okada as a means of creating Highland Capital Management. They started the full-service firm toward the start of the nineties. They did so in Southern California in Los Angeles. The company’s time in the City of Angels, however, didn’t last for too long. Jim Dondero and Okada made the major decision to uproot to bustling Dallas, Texas in 1994. That decision proved to be a smash hit. Highland Capital Management has been serving the good people of the Big D for decades at this point. People all over the metropolis are more than familiar with Dondero and Okada.

Jim Dondero likes to take part in all kinds of philanthropic missions all over Dallas. He has outstanding relationships with many non-profit entities in the city. He also likes to do anything in his power to help out the Dallas Zoo. It’s among the city’s biggest tourist draws.