One on One with Mark Holyoake


With the experience of the Director of various seafood companies, Mark Holyoake took a big leap. He acquired Iceland Seafood International. Many investors at the time, viewed the move as risky, but not for the determined new owner.

He joined the board of directors and developed the company’s operational structure. At the time, the country was experiencing some economic hardships.

The economy and banking sectors had utterly collapsed. But Mark’s expertise helped him guide the company and created a sustainable business environment.

Holyoake’s vision was unity. He was determined to unite existing fishing groups, have a business that was in line with the development and one that impacted the natives.

Mark Holyoake had a personal interest in the food industry. He looked forward to an industry with standards and infrastructure. The two would boost the industry and allow it to thrive on a long-term basis.

To achieve that, he needed collaborations, restructuring, streamlining operations, and infrastructures. His efforts paid off. In 2010, he was able to purchase the majority shares of Iceland Seafood International. The company has enjoyed growth, collaboration within the industry, and has financial stability.

In his term, he believes success is a potential long-term payout. He loves investment, which he can create long-term structural changes. Deals that can span with the years although immediately they are not recognized.

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Mark Holyoake’s career involves him deciding for success. Currently, his hardest decision was stepping down from the board of directors of Iceland Seafood. Having been at the forefront, and allowing others to take reins was difficult for him.

But Mark Holyoake was keen to see how the new key players will play out. His departure also saw the company valuation increase, with 27% of Iceland fishing quota being the new partners.

As an entrepreneur, he has experienced self-doubting moments. Investment in a growing industry is daring, and such moves come with a lot of doubt. Mark Holyoake’s secret to focus on the positive was to take tasks at hand a day at a time. He stopped worrying much about the future and worked for the current.

He believes in collaboration. With Iceland Seafood International, cohesive operations lead to growth. All partners had control of the fishing process from fishing, packaging, and transportation.




Mark Holyoake – A Former Board Member at ISI and An Honored Investor


Mark Holyoake is a prominent investor who has diversified in many fields, including the Seafood industry. He recently announced that he would step down after many years of his service in Iceland Seafood International as Board member. Besides, Benedikt Sveinsson has also announced his resignation from being a board member.

In an article from Undercurrentnews entitled “Holyoake, Sveinsson Step Down From ISI Board… “, Mark Holyoake and the CEO of Icelandic Group will be stepping down from their respective positions.

The shareholders of Iceland Seafood Company held a meeting on 2nd Feb at Reykjavik. The main agenda of the meeting was to elect other board members. Among the nominated members was the MAR Advisors managing partner, Magnus Bjarnason. The firm majors with mergers and acquisitions.

Other nominees include Ingunn Agnes, Liv Bergthorsdottir, and Jakob Valgeir Flosason. The nominees have served as executives in various companies acquiring vast experience and skills beneficial to ISI. Jakob Valgeir is one of the ISI shareholders. He suits the board member position since he will be able to combine exclusive customer service in various departments. See Related Link to learn more.

Iceland Seafood International recently reported that Bjarni Armannsson would become the CEO. Before this, he used to be the chairman of the firm. Armannsson had seen the partnership between ISI and Icelandic Iberica. He has served as the CEO after the resignation of Helgi Anton Eiriksson. Iceland Seafood International highly engaged in several mergers and acquisitions. For example, it acquired Solo Seafood in 2018. That was a strategic acquisition that enhanced the growth and development of the company. During Undercurrent News, Bjarni Armannsson noted that ISI would consistently engage in Mergers and Acquisition

ISI is focusing on the 2019 main market listing. The company will enhance its growth and development in foreign markets due to the present opportunities and high demand. ISI has managed to make incredible achievements in the last few years. Bjarni Armannsson has to ensure that the company maintains its continuous growth under his leadership and management. He also thanked Mark Holyoake and Benedikt Sveinsson for their incredible input in the overall success of the company.

Mark Holyoake is a renowned real estate investor who ventured the food sector business with the founding of the British Seafood Group. Mark bought the highest shares of Iceland Seafood International. ISI majors in the production of fresh, frozen and lightly salted fish, pelagic fish and shellfish. Mark Holyoake still retains his position of the highest shareholder of ISI.


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