Sujit Choudhry Writes and Publishes a New Book About Territorial and Constitutional Transitions

A new book titled Territory and Constitutional Transitions was recently released. This book has a number of essays that talk about a number of territory disagreements that are occurring in many countries all over the world. The book discusses how the territory disputes are affecting the process of drafting constitutions. With the book, readers are able to read about relevant information that pertains to these territorial disputes and conflicts. Territory and Constitutional Transitions contains case studies of several nations throughout the world. Readers will be able to learn about conflicts and disputes that are currently taking place in nations such as Nigeria, Nepal, Cyprus, Yemen, Libya, Myanmar, Ukraine and Iraq.

The content of the book contains a collection of essays that provide many recommendations about political policies. These recommendations are based on views that the authors have about various territorial and political disputes in foreign countries. One of the chapters of the books contains conclusions which compared each of the case studies. Therefore the book will appeal to a number of individuals who are interested in learning about how nations are governed and how they address a variety of disputes. With the combination of comprehensive case studies along with analysis, readers will have the opportunity to gather important information about how each of the nations dealt with all of the territory and political disputes that they have recently gone through.

The authors of the book have included a paper that will serve as a companion. This paper will provide information that pertains to the overall process of drafting a constitution. It discusses how territorial disputes and other political conflicts can affect the process of creating a valid constitution. Along with information about how disputes can affect the constitution making process, there is also advice on how a nation can best address and resolve any conflict that it has pertaining to these particular types of disputes.

 Sujit Choudhry is one of the most well known legal experts and scholars in the world. He was once a constitutional law professor and head of two leading law schools. Choudhry also provided assistance to the Canadian Supreme Court for a few years as well. Recently, Sujit has spent a number of years consulting with foreign leaders about how to best draft a new constitution. He has helped these foreign leaders not only draft a constitution, but also provide advice and guidance on how t manage their legal systems.

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End Citizens United Rallies Against Rick Scott

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee funded completely by donors. They focus on electing campaign finance reformers to overturn Citizens United. This is basically a fight to stop corporations from having the ability to buy elections.

End Citizens United was started on March 1st, 2015 and are committed to ending Citizens United and also to electing pro reform candidates. Although they currently have only supported democratic candidates they will support any candidate that is truly pro-reform. Currently though, the Republicans within Congress are standing in the way of overturning the Supreme Court decision that allowed for special interest groups to fund elections to make them go their preferred way.

Recently, the committee has filed a complaint against the Federal Election Commission. This complaint states that Rick Scott is using something called a “super PAC” to support his campaign for senator. They suggest that this PAC is a way for Scott to get around federal limits on direct contributions to a campaign.

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End Citizen United has accused Scott of violating an anti-coordination law with the New Republican PAC. Rick Scott had previously been the chairman of this group, and now that he is running for a seat in Senate, the PAC has pledged to help his get elected. End Citizens United’s Communications Director Adam Bozzi has stated that Scott’s interest in political ambition clearly outweighs his care for the law, and is bypassing the law by using the PAC to funnel money.

Although the campaign has denied all these accusations, End Citizens United did not give up. The refuted the denial by producing documentation to support their claim. This accusation against Scott is just a small step in the committee’s larger goal. If the decision on Citizens United is overturned, donations like the ones in the claim against Rick Scott will no longer be allowed to be undisclosed and unlimited.

Despite the continued claims of denial to any wrongdoing, End Citizens United is dedicated to the cause. They have continued to collect evidence against him and the super PAC. They recently discovered that the two mentioned are both currently working with the same fundraiser. It is clear to the committee that Rick Scott and the PAC are too closely tied for it to be anything less than suspicious. Taking Scott out of the running will be a win for them, as he clearly does not believe in finance reform.