Luxury Apartments Hope to Bring Change to New Brunswick

A new luxury apartment complex in New Brunswick, New Jersey, looks to bring about change to a neighborhood more known for criminal activity than upscale apartments and amenities in recent years. While this complex offers a significant change for the area, it’s success will depend on attracting new residents to an area more associated with police blotters than upscale living.


The Quincy, which opens early this year, is making a strong attempt to woo new residents to this area. The complex offers a number of more upscale amenities for residents, such as a rooftop pool, garage parking, and a fitness center. Additionally, the website prominently talks about their proximity to downtown New Brunswick, public transportation, and the Amtrak station.


There are serious issues facing management of the Quincy, however. The area around the complex has seen an uptick in crime in recent years. This poses a potential problem for the complex’s management and their efforts to attract new residents to New Brunswick.


Two high-profile instances of criminal activity could be particularly problematic for the management of the Quincy. In late 2012, a pizza delivery man was robbed at gunpoint by several individuals. Police charged Parysh Wood, also known by his street names “Pistol” or “P Gun,” in connection with the crime. According to news reports, police were also looking for other suspects in connection to the crime.


In October 2015, another shooting occurred in the area. This time, an individual was injured and transported to a local hospital in a private car shortly after calls were placed to police regarding multiple gunshots in the area. According to the latest updates from news outlets, police were still searching for the suspect, who could only be described as “wearing a hoodie.”


These reports of criminal activity create difficulties for management at the Quincy. While the amenities offered will help attract residents, many people in Quincy’s target demographic will undoubtedly be concerned about the overall criminal activity in the area.


However, the Quincy also presents an opportunity for this neighborhood of New Brunswick to experience a rebirth. High-end, luxury apartments with quick access to public transportation and modern amenities should bring new residents to the area.


In an area gaining fame for criminal activity, new apartments like the Quincy offer an opportunity for change. New apartments, new residents, and potentially a new hope for New Brunswick. The question for neighborhood residents now, though: will this be enough? Or will the area still be best known for police reports?