Desiree Perez has Helped Roc Nation to become a Major Music Industry Influencer

Desiree Perez

When it comes to the music business certain people behind the scenes have a tendency to influence the direction of the industry. Executives, CEOs, producers and presidents are some of the individuals that have the ability to make an impact on the people around them. Every year Billboard releases its Billboard Power 100. This is an important list that explains who helped to shape the music industry as a whole, within a given year. In 2019 leading figures from Roc Nation were included in this ranking.

Roc Nation is an entertainment company. It was established in 2008 by Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. He no longer runs his company but has competent and knowledgeable people at the helm. His CEO is known as Jay Brown and his COO is Roc Nation. Jay-Z has been around since the late 90s and having his own entertainment company has helped him to establish well known artists from this generation.

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez has been with Roc Nation since its beginning. She is instrumental in the daily operations of the organization. She is noted for her blend of business talent and knowledge and her street smarts. Jay Z hired Desiree Perez because she was a trusted individual who could actually manage his multi-million dollar organization.

Desiree Perez influence on Roc Nation artists such as Rihanna, Jayden Smith and Big Sean is undeniable. She has helped to steer these artists in the right direction. She has also helped to broker deals and establish industry practices that has impacted the music business as a whole.

Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers Showcases How He and Andrew Taggart Have Made Successful Music Last Them

There are not many people or musicians who can say that they have been able to maintain high stakes in the charts without losing momentum along the way at some point. Sure, there are a few names that people can think of but one name that rings true today is, The Chainsmokers.

The Chainsmokers did not grow up like most other bands where they met as school age children, became best friends only to form a band and make it big. Instead, they met as adults while in college through a mutual friend and hit it off. They shared a passion and that passion led them to becoming a top selling group of today.

Alex Pall spent much of his adulthood growing up in New York City working as a DJ. He worked throughout the city and found that he was quite popular and wanted to do more with what he was doing. He wanted to pursue a higher passion than just spinning music in city clubs. He wanted to eventually turn his love of music into something much more which is what he did when he and bandmate created the Chainsmokers.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were introduced to one another when someone recommended that Andrew check out the original members of the Chainsmokers. The one member who decided to leave the band had left an opening for a new member. That is when someone that Andrew knew had suggested that he check it out. Andrew and Alex took to each other pretty quickly and that is when Andrew quit school and ended up moving to New York City to join the group.

After the pair met, they had long talks about the things they loved most growing up and how the music they loved shaped what they wanted to do. After finding that they had much in common with one another, Andrew and Alex went forward on forming the new and improved version of the Chainsmokers. Here they are years later, still making music with one another and still maintaining their spots at the top of the charts.

The Reason Why Norka Martinez Luque Believes in Miracles

Norka Martinez Luque has a lot to tell the people. She wants to tell us how she believes in miracles. Because of miracles, her life is full of success. She comes from a humble family in the heart of Venezuela. According to Eimilio Estefan, the young legendary musician has all it takes to become a star. She has proved to the people that she is the future of music in Venezuela and the world. Norka Luque was born with the sound of music. According to her mother. Music would make her sleep. When she was asleep, she would be woken up with the slightest hint of music. Her parents knew the secret to make her stop crying whenever she was annoyed.

When she was 8, her parents decided to take her to a music class. While undertaking her normal education, she had music lessons in the evening. She excelled at the surprise of both his parents and students. In numerous occasions, her teachers would call her a star. Her parents believed in miracles. They believed that one day she would make them happy. For Norka, music is not all about creating flamenco and playing the piano. However, it is about creating a lasting impact in the lives of your listeners to make a difference in their lives. For this reason, she has determined to create music full of hope. Norka Luque wants to turn the world into her music. As a matter of fact, she keeps practicing on a daily basis to keep up with the trend.

At a tender age, Norka made her first music production at a local competition in school. She recorded the song “Shakira Anthology” and sang other songs. According to the judges, the local competition had nothing to discuss. The people had chosen their winner. Norka was the winner. For this reason, she was awarded a music scholarship opportunity. Her parents supported her at every curse in her studies. For her to compete at these trending world, she kept teaching herself the art of piano and flamenco.

Her desire to excel in music made her come to the United States. She wanted to give the community the legendary music and continue with her music. During this time, she got the rarest opportunity to meet the well-known music producer Emilio Estefan. Emilio liked her music and extended an invitation to the studio. She perfected on vocals which were her main gift in music. Emilio brought her to the music world.