Angela Koch’s Unconventional Climb Up the Success Ladder in US Money Reserve

Angela Koch is the one and only CEO in the male dominated field of precious metals. She is the innovative and hard working CEO of the US Money Reserve, known in the world as the biggest private company that distributes the US government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins. She is the responsible for setting the company culture and handling every aspect of daily operations.

Koch is very proud that their company has managed to help hundreds of thousands of investors in making decisions about their gold, silver, and platinum purchases.

She credits hear team of experts in being able to establish a solid relationship with over half a million clients to date. Though their company is primarily a sales organization, Koch has trained her team to give more and learn more. They have a priority to learn about industry trends, so they can always grow and impart their knowledge to their clients, too.

Angela Koch is serious about her role as a CEO. She establishes a good relationship with all the staff because she acknowledges that they are the backbone that keeps the business running well.

Without them, the US Money Reserve will not be the successful industry leader that it is today. She ensures that all the staff members are taken good care of in terms of their personal and professional development.

She is so proud of their progress because she knows that even if she is not around, they will be able to work well without her presence. This implies that she has done a good job at overseeing their training.

Her climb up to the ladder of success is very unconventional. Angela Koch is the first to admit that she is a college dropout. She made the wrong decision of getting married to a slacker, who did not do his part in providing for his family.

As a result, Angela was forced to work odd jobs to make everything work. She eventually separated from her ex-husband and worked double time since she was a single mom.

There was a point when she had two to three jobs at a time. No company was too small or big for her. As long as they were willing to give her a pay check so she can keep a roof over their heads and food on the table, she was ready to take on the work.

In every position that she was blessed to hold, she made it a point to learn a lot, not just earning money, but expanding her horizons in terms of skills and technique. Her most favorite positions where in pharmacies, electrical companies, and the Jewish Foundation. It was there that she learned she had a knack for analyzing data. Read more: US Money Reserve Reviews | Glassdoor and U.S. Money Reserve Austin TX, 78730 –

One of the pivotal roles she took was a position in KLA-Tencor, a company that use advanced computational analytics.

She was assigned to the strategic business development, where she learned so much about planning strategies, marketing plans, and handling mergers and acquisitions. She found a valuable mentor in KLA-Tencor, which she credits for guiding her to be the person that she is today.

After leaving that company, she moved onto the US Money Reserve where she worked hard in delivering her goals.

Her climb to the CEO position is a literal product of all her blood sweat and tears. As she continues to expand the company she abides by the concept that success is mandatory. There is no room for excuses because these don’t build empires.

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Intriguing Designs Through The School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University

New intriguing designers are commonly known to make a huge impact during New York Fashion Week. New talents get a chance to make an impression on the fashion world and you better believe “A” games are definitely in full effect. The School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University showcased its 21st runway on September 9, 2017 and boy was it amazing! Bachelor and Masters of Fine Arts graduates debuted several mind-blowing collections of both womenswear and menswear that absolutely captivated.

Showcased was a diverse look of styles that totally impressed the audience and the oohs and the ahhs were definitely evident. The event was also streamed live for the world to see, a definite opportunity for recent graduates to boost their chances at possibly joining the world of the bigger players of fashion. These designers are definitely great at what they do and will definitely inspire other designers to create and jump start many to pursue their passions with an extreme sense of motivation, dedication and consistency, to say the least.

Below are the designers who participated in the School of Fashion’s 21st runway showcase:

1) Eden Slezin – San Francisco, California – Masters of Fine Arts Fashion Designs – appreciates vintage denim – used organic denim, fabrics from Amour Vert and recycled rubber to create runway fashion – was selected for the CFDA Fashion Future Graduate Showcase

2) Hailun Zhou – Qing Dao, China – Masters of Fine Arts Fashion Design – inspired by photos and observations of a particular journey taken during a creative concept class – used vinyl, PVC, and fabric created through a fusion process to create runway fashion – was selected for the CFDA Fashion Graduate Showcase.

3) Carlos Rodriguez – Born in Mexico City, Mexico, but raised in Clarksburg, California – Bachelors of Fine Arts Fashion Designs – used traditional hand and machine embroidery techniques to create runway fashion – was selected for the CFDA Fashion Future Graduate Digital Showcase.

4) Joanna Jadallah – Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Orange County, California – Masters of Fine Arts Menswear Design – inspired by the strengths of her Palestinian family – uses lightweight wool, lambskin leather, cashmere knits, suiting fabrics and brocades to create runway fashion.

5) Ryan Yu – Shenyanh, Liaoning, China – Masters of Fine Arts Fashion Design – inspired by light itself and how it contrasts darkness – used patent leather, wool and jersey to create runway fashion.

6) Cana Klebanoff – born in Queens, Ny and raised in Monmouth County, New Jersey – Bachelors of Fine Arts Knitwear Design – inspired by Japanese samurai armor and beautiful castles – awarded the San Francisco-Paris Sister City Scholarship Exchange to study in Paris, France’s Studio Bercot.

7) Saya Shen – Beijing, China Masters of Fine Arts Fashion Design – inspired by photographed landscapes, especially of the snow forms of Hokkaido – transferred her own photographs to fabric to create runway fashion.

8) Jelly Shan – Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. Masters of Fine Arts Fashion Design – inspired by the peace and joy experienced during a trip to northwestern China – manipulated colors to create runway fashion.

9) Dina Marie Lam – Los Angeles, Ca – Masters Fine Arts Fashion Design, from Los Angeles, CA – inspired by her late aunt – used soft and luxurious materials to create runway fashion – was selected for the CFDA Fashion Future Graduate Showcase.

Stay tuned for next year’s runway event. It too will be a blast of talented designers!

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Paul Saunders Shares Tips On How To Prevent Corporate Burnout

With the fast-paced operations of many workplaces right now, there is no telling when an employee could be suffering from employee burnout. Corporate burnout, employee burnout, or job burnout, is a very serious problem in each workplace. This is when an employee is so exhausted or stressed physically, mentally, emotionally, or all. It is one of the most powerful productivity killers and is also the hardest to curb.


James River Capital founder, Paul Saunders, has been in the industry for a long time. He already experienced how hard it is to deal with burnout and how destructive it is for the productivity and the efficiency of the operations. Saunders is the current Principal of James River Capital Corp, and the current chairman and CEO of James River Capital Corp and James River Financial Corp. To share his experience, here are the four signs that employees could be experiencing employee burnout. Learn more:


  1. The employee lost his or her control of time

It is normal in the office to set deadlines and other important dates that need to be met strictly. However, these deadlines are usually the best contributor to stress in most of the employees. When a deadline was not met, especially in big projects, it will snowball, making the employee more stressed. To prevent this, Paul Saunders advice giving each employee their time of the day before their work starts. The first ten or fifteen minutes of the day can be allotted for planning their goals for the day. This is one of the best ways to regain control over their time and avoid being stressed.


  1. The employee feels the lack of transparency

The lack of transparency happens when the employee feels like he or she is being left out of important decisions or promotions. This will cause negative feelings and makes the employee feel unmotivated to work. Lack of transparency usually happens when there is no effective communication to the employee and their supervisors. To prevent this, supervisors and managers should always practice transparency in each of their team members. It is also important to relay the reasons as to why the promotion opportunity is not given.


  1. The employee’s attitude changed

If a jolly employee suddenly became moody or easy to irritate, it is a major sign of employee burnout. This only means that the employee’s emotional state is also affected because of stress and exhaustion. Paul Saunders suggests that the manager should see through to it and make sure that the employee is able to disconnect from work when not in the workplace. Giving a hobby is one good example.


  1. The employee is second-guessing his or her work

When the employee made a mistake, he or she tends to second-guess his or her work after that. Loss of confidence can contribute to burnout, as well as less participation and contribution to the brainstorming. Giving manageable tasks and goals could bring up the lost confidence, as well as motivate the employee.