Waiakea Water Brand CEO Explains how his Company was Founded

Specialty Food said that the average consumer might not be that familiar with the Waiakea water brand but it has been making huge inroads into the bottled beverage market since 2012. This enterprise was founded by Ryan Emmons who took a chance on selling bottled water.

Keep one thing in mind, Ryan Emmons is only 23-years-old. When he founded this company he was around about 18. Emmons family apparently were wealthy and had access to the Kea’au aquifer which could be used to clean water. Since this was the case, Emmons realized that a business opportunity existed for a unique water product.

Many people have a hard time understanding how or why someone could profit from selling bottled water. After all, the average person can just turn on their sink and get water from the tap. While this might be true; millions of people still continue to purchase bottled water anyway.

They honestly believe that it is a healthier choice than tap water. This is especially true after hearing about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio back during the early 2010s.

Both cities water supplies were so screwed up with contamination that people could no longer drink it. This was a dangerous situation for hundreds of thousands of people to experience.

Emmons realized that the Mauna Loa volcano within Hawaii was a fresh water source that was not being utilized to its full potential. Yes, there already was a water collection plant at the base of the volcano that gathered up this precious resource.

However, Emmons took this activity to the next level. He figured out a way to collect and then transport this product to the Kea’au aquifer where it can be cleaned and processed for sale.

After he did this he set up an effective way to not only get his product out to markets within the greater Hawaii area; he also transported the water to the states on ships. He used empty cargo space on vessels for this purpose. He then took part in various initiatives and causes to help the environment and oceans.

According to PR News Wire, all of this was being performed as a means of ensuring that Waiakea water brand would have a strong connection within the world of business and the environment. Also, Emmons believes in what he is doing for people and the Earth. Once this product hit the market, people took to it in droves. It is now being sold in at least 900 stores all throughout the United States.

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