The RealReal, A Real Choice For Buyers Of Luxury Clothing And Jewelry

Consignment shopping is nothing new in a market where buyers are becoming more aware of the cost of consumption to our planet. Regardless, women and men still want beautiful pieces they can fill their closets with. The RealReal, an online shopping experience for consigned luxury apparel and jewelry seamlessly combines both needs for savvy high fashion shoppers and those who wish to consign high-end fashion.

The RealReal has been so successful with its online sales that they have opened 3 stores in New York City. They have garnered trust from the buying community by hiring expert gemologists and horologists who substantiate the authenticity of The RealReal’s designer merchandise.

This generation knows you don’t have to pay an over the top price to have the best. The resale of stunning, like-new designer goods from Gucci and Cartier, at a smaller price, takes the “elite” of the brand out of the recipe for success.

The opportunities to not only buy, but also selling on The RealReal is a primary goal for the company. It ensures the business maintains and grows its clientele. Because of the accessibility of high – end goods, Millennials are just as willing to let go of a great piece as they are to buy one, therefore continuing the cycle of creating more choices for buyers and opportunity for sellers. View More Information Here.

In June, Real’s continued its journey to success by selling its stock on the Nasdaq market. Shares opened at $20 in the morning and by the afternoon had increased by 40%. The success The RealReal has found by going public with its shares is a rising trend among similar businesses. Pro4ma, a retail analytics company is currently testing this market to see if it is sustainable. However, with revenue growth of 50% last year, the company’s founder and executive in chief, Julie Wainwright has proven the desire for markets like The RealReals is real.

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