Sean Tissue is a Leading Voice in Real Estate Management

Sean Tissue knew at an early age that he wanted to know into real estate management. He quickly earned the credentials needed after high school to become a real estate professional. When he started his company, Centureon Investments, he knew that the ever-changing world of real estate would be both a challenge and a reward.


He commented on the changing investment strategies while talking about turnkey properties. Home flipping was a huge trend in the 2010s leading many prospective property investors to purchase fixer-uppers and tackle the job for a profit. However, Tissue comments that there are many hidden setbacks that can cause your investment to flop. Every county has different rules on building and permitting. Some unseen setbacks can come from getting permits from the city or county. These can cost the investor time and money while they are sitting on a half-finished property. There are also many other unforeseen complications that can cause an investor to lose profit. Tissue recommends turnkey properties instead. These are properties that are move-in ready and can be rented for monthly profit. If the investor doesn’t want to take on landlord duties, they can use a third-party broker to manage the property for them.


Tissue believes in real estate as a sound investment because it is one of the oldest methods of generating wealth. It is a tried and true model that still holds true to today. As cities become denser, all property values rise and have the potential to turn a profit for any investor. He emphasizes that real estate is a slow game of careful decision-making and research. While there are many ways that a person can utilize their investment property, research and self-education are one of the best ways to find out which avenue is best for your property.

TJ Maloney Teaches His Ways


TJ Maloney’s father was a business owner. Maloney worked for his father in the various business his father created. These businesses gave him a wide spectrum of experience, such as engineering and sales, quality control and collections. This helped to shape Maloney by instilling in him the desire to manage his own businesses.

Maloney worked as a lawyer after finishing his studies at Fordham Law School. Now, his day to day routine is quite full. He starts off each day with two cups of coffee. Regardless of what his agenda for the day entails, he has developed the ability to perfectly balance his time between meetings and his projects.

Maloney says that it is important to set aside time to read about the various industries and keep up on the market, as well as to take time to contemplate the way the entire business works.

Maloney follows his own process when it comes to his investments. Collaboration is important, and conducting thorough research is imperative. Sometimes, Maloney says, it makes sense to hire an industry consultant who knows the ins and outs better.

A key factor to Maloney’s success is his interest in potential areas for improvement. When he is prospecting a company, he finds these areas, which tells him a lot about the way the company works.

TJ Maloney is both CEO and Chairman of the New York City based company Lincolnshire Management. The company invests in companies operating in many different industries. Lincolnshire was founded in 1986, and Maloney joined the company in 1993. Since, he has been a member of the investment committee.

He worked diligently through law school and kept his mind motivated and dedicated to progress, seeking out every opportunity to increase his productivity that presented itself. Maloney credits his business oriented mindset to his father, after watching his success with businesses. This is also where he gained a lot of the initial experience that has led him to such success today. This experience has grown into a strong and multifaceted skillset. His investments involve a series of step by step procedures that result in a thorough understanding of the viability of a particular investment.

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One on One with Mark Holyoake


With the experience of the Director of various seafood companies, Mark Holyoake took a big leap. He acquired Iceland Seafood International. Many investors at the time, viewed the move as risky, but not for the determined new owner.

He joined the board of directors and developed the company’s operational structure. At the time, the country was experiencing some economic hardships.

The economy and banking sectors had utterly collapsed. But Mark’s expertise helped him guide the company and created a sustainable business environment.

Holyoake’s vision was unity. He was determined to unite existing fishing groups, have a business that was in line with the development and one that impacted the natives.

Mark Holyoake had a personal interest in the food industry. He looked forward to an industry with standards and infrastructure. The two would boost the industry and allow it to thrive on a long-term basis.

To achieve that, he needed collaborations, restructuring, streamlining operations, and infrastructures. His efforts paid off. In 2010, he was able to purchase the majority shares of Iceland Seafood International. The company has enjoyed growth, collaboration within the industry, and has financial stability.

In his term, he believes success is a potential long-term payout. He loves investment, which he can create long-term structural changes. Deals that can span with the years although immediately they are not recognized.

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Mark Holyoake’s career involves him deciding for success. Currently, his hardest decision was stepping down from the board of directors of Iceland Seafood. Having been at the forefront, and allowing others to take reins was difficult for him.

But Mark Holyoake was keen to see how the new key players will play out. His departure also saw the company valuation increase, with 27% of Iceland fishing quota being the new partners.

As an entrepreneur, he has experienced self-doubting moments. Investment in a growing industry is daring, and such moves come with a lot of doubt. Mark Holyoake’s secret to focus on the positive was to take tasks at hand a day at a time. He stopped worrying much about the future and worked for the current.

He believes in collaboration. With Iceland Seafood International, cohesive operations lead to growth. All partners had control of the fishing process from fishing, packaging, and transportation.




Award Winning Engineering Entrepreneur Niranjan Shah

Niranjan Shah is an entrepreneur with several decades of experience in the engineering world, with the majority of this time being spent with Globetrotters Engineering Corporation, a company he helped to found. Based in Chicago, the firm offers a variety of architecture, construction management, engineering, and consultancy services to a wide range of clients from around the United States.

Born in India, Niranjan Shah first attended Sardel Patel University, which he graduated from with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Following this, the entrepreneur moved to the United States, where he believed that he would be able to achieve much more success. After emigrating, he began studying at the University of Mississippi, which he graduated from with a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering.

After graduating, he moved to Chicago and founded Globetrotters Engineering Corporation in 1974. At the time, Shah was the only full-time employee at the firm, although it would soon begin seeing a significant amount of success. As a result of this, Globetrotters would eventually grow to employ over 200 employees and have operations across the country.

During this time, Shah would continue furthering his education and began attending Harvard Business School to supplement his engineering qualifications with management training. By doing so, he was able to ensure that he could more effectively manage the business as it grew. Throughout this time, he also became a certified and licensed engineer in several states, including Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

In the years since founding Globetrotters Engineering Corporation, Shah would lead the firm to be involved in a variety of large projects. Some of the most notable of these have included Chicago’s Deep Tunnel Project, as well as Midway International Airport’s Redevelopment. Alongside this, the company has been involved in quite a large number of international projects, with many of these focusing on United States embassies around the world.

Throughout this time, Niranjan Shah would lead the firm to receive a variety of awards and accolades, such as the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award in 1986. Alongside this, Shah has led the company to be involved in a variety of philanthropic efforts.

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Nitin Khanna Gives His Key Rules For Becoming A Succesful Entrepreneur

There are few entrepreneurs in the U.S. who can match the success of the technology, cannabis, and mergers expert Nitin Khanna. The India-born entrepreneur has sat at the head of three supremely successful companies that were in some way his own idea at some stage in their inception. The former CEO of MergerTech, Saber, and Cira Cannabis now wants to pass on his experience and allow his fellow entrepreneurs to understand the spaced they occupy within the industrial sector.

It is said that great entrepreneurs understand when to take a risk and embark on a new venture. Nitin Khanna is obviously one of those who understand how and when to take a calculated gamble. Nitin Khanna took a risk at the age of 17 when he stepped onto a plane and traveled to the U.S. from India to complete his academic career at Purdue University thousands of miles away from his family. At the turn of the century, Nitin Khanna moved into the software sector with the establishment of Saber alongside his brother. Not only has Saber become the largest provider of secure voting software for states around the U.S., but the company also proved an even greater success for Nitin Khanna when it was sold for $1,200 million based on a turnover of $300 million.

Always willing to help his fellow entrepreneurs, Nitin Khanna established MergerTech because he was constantly being asked how he had managed to sell Saber for such a huge profit. Nitin Khanna believes there are two basic tips he can give to budding entrepreneurs, including the need to know oneself when embarking on an entrepreneurial journey. By understanding their own abilities, the entrepreneur can effectively build a team to assist with the growth of their company. Secondly, Nitin Khanna recommends terminating employees who are not an effective fit for the company because this will free up both parties to find future success.

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CEO And Chairman Of Private Equity Firm Lincolnshire Management TJ Maloney

 Financial industry executive TJ Maloney joined the private investment company Lincolnshire Management in 1993 after having gained experience at a number of other businesses that were focused on mergers, acquisitions and securities law. He graduated from Boston College with a Bachelor’s degree, and from Fordham Law School, where he earned his J.D. degree, and he has been the guest lecturer on the subject of law and private equity at several universities around the country, including Columbia University.

Lincolnshire Management was founded in 1986 in New York City, and the business has a 33-year record of making investments through various companies and financial cycles. After TJ Maloney became its CEO and Chairman, his job responsibilities required him to be actively involved with the investment portfolios of the other companies that Lincolnshire has as clients. The entrepreneur is also a member of the board of organizations such as Wabash, Credential Services International and Polaris Pool Systems.

To honor his accomplishments as a business executive, Fordham Law School presented TJ Maloney with the Richard J. Bennett Memorial Award in 2007. The award was given to him as recognition for his exhibition of high moral standards in the corporate world. He has been the Chairman of the Boston College Wall Street Council, and has served on the Board of Trustees at both Boston College and Fordham University.

When Lincolnshire Management recently added four new team members to its group, TJ Maloney stated that these new additions reflect the strong commitment the company has to growing its staff with talented professionals who share its passion for the hands-on approach when it comes to investing. The new members are Matthew Nacier and Nicolas Vega Llona, who are Senior Associates, and Yashna Ginodia and Georg Stolt-Nielsen, who are Analysts. In his leisure time, TJ Maloney enjoys reading, swimming, golfing and having family time.

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Igor Cornelsen Entertains Idea Of Continuous Investing

Building a strong investment portfolio is going to take time. It is not an overnight success. In fact, Igor Cornelsen recommends that investors start as early as possible and never stop building their portfolio. There are so many people that assume that investing is all about a 20 or 30 year block of time where you save for retirement. Igor disputes this and believes completely differently when it comes to successful financial portfolios.

From Igor Cornelsen’s perspective, there is no need to stop money that is making money if you are getting a good rate on return. This goes with any type of interest or dividends that are being paid out through your investments. Some people that are looking at a specific time frame to stop investing will not think about all of the money that they are losing when they stop their investments. This is what makes Igor Cornelsen a special type of investor. He helps people see that they risk the chance of losing out on so much money when they stop their money from making anything in their retirement years. He believes that investors that are looking forward to retirement should keep their money in places where you can still make money even in their retirement years.

You may lose your desire to play the riskier stock market investments, but you could at least leave some of the money in a 12-month CD. When you have the money that you have saved for your retirement at your disposal it is not like you are going to need every dime of this money within a year.

In the course of one year. Igor believes that you can save some money in a no risk, no penalty certificate of deposit and still find yourself collecting a sizable amount of interest on a monthly basis.

MaurícioMendonça Godoy’s Thirst to Prove Himself

MaurícioMendonça Godoy knows that chances in the business field to move upwards are not always prevalent when you are in such a volatile industry. It is this knowledge that allows him to push forward at a steady rate rather than allowing all of his energy to go out at once. When he first entered the field, he was made aware of the realities of the business. For example, he found out that the fantasy of your career popping off right from the start is rarely more than that: a fantasy.

Those who are truly committed to their work find that expecting this at the start of your job is likely only going to minimize your chances of staying motivated. For someone like MaurícioMendonça Godoy, it is necessary to constantly assure yourself that there is more on the way. There can never be enough challenges thrown at you when you have such a powerful thirst to prove yourself, and he appreciates every single on that comes his way. He knows that this viewpoint is what gives him an edge over his coworkers, and he is thankful for having been born with such a powerful desire to advance in the world.

This desire, MaurícioMendonça Godoy believes, can be adapted by anyone, however. He has noticed throughout his career that any one person who you may never expect to build a successful career for themselves can turn around and surprise the world if they care enough to. This is why MaurícioMendonça Godoy has had such a great time throughout his career; he has been able to witness the birth of so many bright young peoples’ careers, and he is thankful that he is able to play a part in this birth.

He feels that working to feed into the industry that has given him so much success is practically necessary, as he feels that he owes it to the rest of the world. This generosity is simply a part of his nature, and he is glad that he is able to be a figure of inspiration for young people around the world.

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Matt Badiali Investing Without Risk

Matt Badiali has employed the philosophy that if you need help investing into commodity to ask for help from an expert. There is no reason to take a risk by your self when there are professional investors all around that could help put your money into the right places. It is also a good teaching tool to be able to see how things are being done and how they come to fruition with your own eyes. Being the the editor for Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits, Matt Badiali takes a very hands on approach when it comes to giving investing advice and earning profits. He believes that seeing an investment in person is the best way to understand the investment. Earlier on in his life he actually worked as a geologist and this allows him to be able to combine his unique knowledge of geology and investing to plan for people looking to invest in natural resources. Matt Badiali is also a contributor to Banyan Hill which aims to help the average American grow wealth by taking minimal risk investments. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

Many mistakes can be made when trying to invest and he says that one of the most common ones is not knowing when to sell stocks. A lot of people just sell their stocks with no reason or logic behind it. Certain guidelines can help with your investment opportunity such as selling stocks based on the risk that will be taken rather than the emotion behind selling. Being rational when selling stocks will help build your portfolio and helps you to learn more about risk potential. Through his work Matt Badiali has traveled all across the globe mainly focusing on natural resource investments. He understands that financial planning is a long term game and that there is no way to get rich quick. Rational thought that minimizing risk is his main strategy when investing. Read:

Gino Pozzo: Making A Winning Team


Having the right chemistry when it comes to owning a team is critical. This is how you can turn them around from losing to winning. It takes hard work and dedication to know which players should be traded and which ones to keep. You also need to be the type person that is approachable. Gino Pozzo is the owner of the Waterford Club in England and understands this all too well. He has a keen eye for the right players and has successfully turned his team around for the better. That is why they are now in the Premier League.

The Pozzo family actually owns two teams. Gino’s father owns the Udinese Club. Right now these are the two best teams in the football club. Both men have a knack for taking teams that no one sees as coachable and turn them into winners. There is a lot that goes into doing this. Primarily most owners stay in the office to do paperwork, not Pozzo. He is out on the field with the players as they begin their day of training. He interacts with them and is looking at how they do on the field. He has found a head to coach to help the team succeed. Pozzo is committed to the success of the team and it has paid off.

The fan base for the Waterford Football Club is very loyal and that’s a good thing. There is always room for more fans as the team gets better and better. Pozzo did a great job with the players with his hands-on approach. They are a winning team along with the Udinese. They are two of the most dominant teams in the sport of England’s football. Pozzo has really outdone himself and continues on with the greatness.