Securus Technologies and The Fantastic Solutions It Offers For Public Safety in Prisons

The visions of business leaders never stop, and they always want to innovate and make sure that the best products from their head get translated into reality. I believe one of the most impressive but stirring brands or companies today is Securus Technologies because it is trying to solve a social safety issue with technology knowing very well that there’s a lot of loopholes, vulnerabilities, and challenges in the technology industry itself. However, Securus Technologies wants to learn, wants to innovate and wants to keep moving despite such challenges. One of the recent difficulties today that Securus Technologies experienced is about how it offered solutions to the public safety problems in the country’s correctional facilities. One example of this case is the story of Robert Johnson.



Robert Johnson’s Tragedy



Robert Johnson works for Lee Correctional Institutional as an officer, and the tragedy in his workplace started when he confiscated a contraband item inside the prison, and it turned out that it contained about $50,000 worth of goods. The confiscation must have caused a lot of trouble inside the facility since it was such a significant amount of money. Robert had been around in the facility for about 15 years already, and that incident was probably not that new to him. However, it was just not his luck that that issue escalated to something much more life-threatening.



About two weeks later after the confiscation, it was revealed that there was a call to shoot order from the prison against Robert Johnson to justify the seizure, and he was shot in his house. He tried to protect his family by distracting them away and thereby attracting the shots to his chest. He’s okay now, after undergoing a series of stitches and follow-up check-ups for over quite some years from doctors. He’s also been dealing with the consequences of the tragedy way more than money can compensate. However, justice was done because the shooter was caught and now Robert Johnson already works for Securus Technologies, implementing the Wireless Containment Solutions of Securus to help prevent the accident he suffered from happening to others.



Wireless Containment Solutions



It should be noted here that, according to Business Wire, the primary benefit of Wireless Containment Solutions is that it provides a system where unwanted and illegal calls that come from the inside of the prison and the outside could be hung up. They could no longer get through the prison system, thereby preventing shoot to call orders and other sensitive information from getting out of the prison.



I think this additional feature from Securus is such an outstanding protection for the safety of both inmates and their officers. That said, kudos to Securus. Without such dedication from them, we’d still be dealing with preventable incidents such as Robert Johnson’s story.



Customers Comment On Securus Technologies Services

As one of the largest inmate communications and security companies in the nation, it is not uncommon for Securus to receive weekly correspondence regarding their staff and services. What is unusual is the large amount of positive emails that the company receives weekly. CEO and President of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, states that Securus receives much praise for their voice recognition software. Voice recognition has been key for many investigators in recording and cross referencing voices that have been caught talking to more than one person either incarcerated or on incoming calls. This service has helped investigators track phone calls, preventing crime and catching evidence on record.


Also generating many good emails is the positive customer service that Securus representatives are trained to deliver. The customer service representatives have been delivering facility, personal, and police requests with prompt discretion. Securus works closely to provide the law enforcement officials with materials needed for prosecution of wrongdoings. President and CEO of Securus, Rick Smith, has offered tours to clients and competitors of the new state of the art call center that now houses the Securus Technologies headquarters in Dallas,Texas. Securus specializes in: emergency response, incident management, investigation, information management, biometric analysis, and inmate self service. To read more about Securus Technologies and these customer comments, please click here.


How is Securus Technologies Making Prisons Safer?

Those who have never stepped foot inside a prison could never imagine what types of dangerous conditions really exist. The jails today are overcrowded, their is wide-spread drug use, and gangs have completely taken over the way violence is handed out. My job as a corrections officer is not to just ensure the safety of the inmates, but to ensure the entire prison staff is out of harm’s way.


Each day my team of officers are using a variety of resources to maintain order in our facility. The first is scanning devices in the jail visitor center that can detect if a guest or inmate is in possession of anything they should not be carrying inside our facility. We will even use drug-sniffing dogs to search cells throughout the day and uncover the things the inmates want to keep out of our reach.


Up until recently, we used to use an outdated call monitoring system to listen to the inmates talking on the phone. With the help of Securus Technologies, we have made the leap into the future and now allow the LBS software to scan hundreds of calls and isolate conversations that need attention.


The Securus Technologies company has been producing state-of-the-art monitoring systems for years, and the entire staff and CEO of the company are dedicated to making this world a little safer. The new telephone monitoring system is already installed in thousands of jails, and now we have the opportunity to make our facility that much safer.


If inmates are requesting family sneak items into the visitor center, we can remove those guests from the facility before the interaction takes place. If inmates are talking about drug use or hurting one another, we have the ability to get into position and stop the treat before someone gets hurt.


Securus Video Visitation – Helping Inmates And Their Families Come Together

For these families, communication is important not because it solves challenging issues, but also because it helps strengthen the family bond. Perhaps, it is one of the reasons why families spend countless hours visiting their loved ones in the prison. Such visits are not easy because someone, usually only one parent, has to work full-time to sustain the family, which makes it even more difficult to get days off to visit the prison. Perhaps, strengthening the bond is so important that many families spend a large proportion of their monthly bill on making calls to the prison.


Securus Video Visitation is one of such products, which allows families to call inmates using video technology. For inmates, video calls are instrumental in helping them contact with their families. In fact, video visitations allow inmates to attend almost any kind of events from birthdays to Christmas and graduation ceremonies. Similarly, the video visitation software is so powerful that it also allows prisoners to share homework with their kids. All these services are made available through Securus Technologies, which is known for its high-tech innovative products.


The Securus Video Visitation is unlike other products in the industry because it provides a crystal clear video, which is only possible through high-data transfer. In addition, engineers at Securus Technologies also ensured that there are no glitches during the video relay. The end result is a power piece of video technology that is easy to install and user-friendly. Anyone with a smart phone, tablet or computer can easily use it without any interference. Watch more on


The team behind the product are dedicated professionals from Securus Technologies. As such, the company is one of the largest providers of prison communication technologies in the United States. Founded in 1986, the Dallas based enterprise is known for its safety solutions, emergency response and related prison products, which are used by more than 3,400 state and private institutions. It is also one of the few companies in the industry that publishes its official rates without gimmicks. Similarly, the innovation at Securus Technologies is represented by nearly 140 patents making it one of the largest firms in the industry that spends a considerable revenue on research and development services.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.