Barbara Stokes Taking Charge in Disaster

When natural disasters occur people everywhere are affected. Barbara Stokes is a woman who takes control and helps those in need when tragedy strikes. Read this article at

Barbara and her husband Scott founded Green Structure Homes in 2008 and since have been working towards helping disaster victims find relief. Her company builds homes in a few days time that are completely customized full with kitchens and bathrooms. Most importantly these homes are affordable. When Hurricane Katrina hit, it left many people without basic needs such as shelter, food and personal items that many take for granted. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Affiliatedork.

Now, with the help of FEMA Barbara Stokes is able to provide homes and the much needed help that these people need. Since GSH was founded, Barbara Stokes has been able to expand its facilities to another eight states. This was to meet a contract with FEMA that totaled in #28.5 million. GSH has included work with Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and Department of State. Barbara Stokes has a background in government contracting after she upheld employment with both the Pisces Corporation and Boeing. Barbara Stokes wanted to insure the advancement of her company and be ready to provide shelter for refugees of disaster.