Matt Badiali Investing Without Risk

Matt Badiali has employed the philosophy that if you need help investing into commodity to ask for help from an expert. There is no reason to take a risk by your self when there are professional investors all around that could help put your money into the right places. It is also a good teaching tool to be able to see how things are being done and how they come to fruition with your own eyes. Being the the editor for Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits, Matt Badiali takes a very hands on approach when it comes to giving investing advice and earning profits. He believes that seeing an investment in person is the best way to understand the investment. Earlier on in his life he actually worked as a geologist and this allows him to be able to combine his unique knowledge of geology and investing to plan for people looking to invest in natural resources. Matt Badiali is also a contributor to Banyan Hill which aims to help the average American grow wealth by taking minimal risk investments. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

Many mistakes can be made when trying to invest and he says that one of the most common ones is not knowing when to sell stocks. A lot of people just sell their stocks with no reason or logic behind it. Certain guidelines can help with your investment opportunity such as selling stocks based on the risk that will be taken rather than the emotion behind selling. Being rational when selling stocks will help build your portfolio and helps you to learn more about risk potential. Through his work Matt Badiali has traveled all across the globe mainly focusing on natural resource investments. He understands that financial planning is a long term game and that there is no way to get rich quick. Rational thought that minimizing risk is his main strategy when investing. Read:

Alec Sellem Backs Responsible Gold Mining Principles


Responsible Gold Mining Principles, which is a draft made to be known by the World Gold Council, seeks to provide valid information on responsible gold mining practices. This includes respecting local people and their rights abiding by ethics. Responsible Gold Mining Principles sets forth new guidelines. These guidelines include clearly laid intentions of practices to stakeholders, investors, and other participants as to what responsible gold mining is defined as.

Alec Sellem is the CEO of Sellem Industries LLC, and is one of the gold mining industry’s leaders today. He participates in a panel at the United Nations in New York City and has contributed to the Responsible Gold Mining Principles draft.

Sellem understands that responsible gold mining has a priority to protect the welfare and security of the local communities and mining companies. A finding of gold in any area has the potential to drive the economy forward with positivity, especially in a developing country.

A gold mine has the potential to have long-lasting effects if the wealth is used properly. Responsible gold mining in this area is key because it leads the way in the creation of new jobs, transportation, electricity, bettering schools and local programs and driving a country forward. See This Page to learn more.

According to Alec Sellem, responsible gold mining also means that the wealth gained from a gold mine isn’t used in any unethical way. This is especially important because in over half of the countries mined for gold, war and social development are two of the largest concerns. Understanding responsible gold mining means that there is no funding towards weapons or fighting in the countries that are war-torn.

Alec Sellem hopes to lead the way for the Responsible Gold Mining Principles to become the international standard. With clear cut intentions, it won’t be hard for the industry to adopt these changes.