Scott Gelb on Key Education

Riot Games has a ton of operations, all of which are overseen by Scott Gelb. As the Chief Operations Officer, Scott Gelb has a hectic schedule. Despite this, however, he still has time to enrich his daily life with various lessons and books. Read more about Scott Gelb at

These, he believes, help make him a better businessman and leader. In an interview, Scott Gelb discussed the key lessons he has learned during his time at Riot Games, as well as the books he thinks everyone should read. Read more about Scott Gelb at

Scott Gelb maintains that a healthy scepticism is healthy, even towards yourself. This helps you keep from getting to enamoured with ideas, as well as to involved with yourself. In less words, it helps you stay grounded and humble. Scott Gelb also recommends that, regardless of how high in the chain of command you get, you should still listen to the insight of those around you. Chances are, you’ve hired a good team of people and their feedback is worth a lot. Finally, Scott Gelb emphasizes that no business or job is more important that your health – always take care of yourself. Finally, he recommends reading ‘Thinking Fast And Slow’ by Daniel Kahneman, as it helps one understand how the mind works and how to use that is an advantage.