TJ Maloney Teaches His Ways


TJ Maloney’s father was a business owner. Maloney worked for his father in the various business his father created. These businesses gave him a wide spectrum of experience, such as engineering and sales, quality control and collections. This helped to shape Maloney by instilling in him the desire to manage his own businesses.

Maloney worked as a lawyer after finishing his studies at Fordham Law School. Now, his day to day routine is quite full. He starts off each day with two cups of coffee. Regardless of what his agenda for the day entails, he has developed the ability to perfectly balance his time between meetings and his projects.

Maloney says that it is important to set aside time to read about the various industries and keep up on the market, as well as to take time to contemplate the way the entire business works.

Maloney follows his own process when it comes to his investments. Collaboration is important, and conducting thorough research is imperative. Sometimes, Maloney says, it makes sense to hire an industry consultant who knows the ins and outs better.

A key factor to Maloney’s success is his interest in potential areas for improvement. When he is prospecting a company, he finds these areas, which tells him a lot about the way the company works.

TJ Maloney is both CEO and Chairman of the New York City based company Lincolnshire Management. The company invests in companies operating in many different industries. Lincolnshire was founded in 1986, and Maloney joined the company in 1993. Since, he has been a member of the investment committee.

He worked diligently through law school and kept his mind motivated and dedicated to progress, seeking out every opportunity to increase his productivity that presented itself. Maloney credits his business oriented mindset to his father, after watching his success with businesses. This is also where he gained a lot of the initial experience that has led him to such success today. This experience has grown into a strong and multifaceted skillset. His investments involve a series of step by step procedures that result in a thorough understanding of the viability of a particular investment.

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Equities First Holdings- UK

Equities First Holdings- UK is the lending organization providing alternative lending solutions. The UK LLC aims to let the users find solutions to most common problems they are facing in the financial world. With its base office in London, the company plans to expand their business to even smaller towns. The company’s stock based loans offer very low interest rates thus increasing their clientele to over 20 million customers globally.

Asia Is Facing A Pilot Deficit- Bhanu Choudhrie Believes Women Are The Answer

South East Asia has been faced with an alarming deficit of pilots, resulting in cancelled flights and local carriers scrambling to manufacture their own flight academies. With Boeing estimating that Asia will require 266,000 more pilots by 2038, the deficit of pilots in Asia presents a considerable threat to its rising airline industry.

Bhanu Choudhrie, founder of Asia’s largest flight school “Alpha Aviation Group”, has taken a revolutionary approach towards resolving the pilot deficit – Tapping into the female workforce of the Philippines.

Bhanu Choudhrie has reoriented Alpha Aviation Group’s recruitment efforts towards women. The young, bright, women of the Philliines are an untapped workforce that Choudhrie believes can be the answer to the rising deficit of airline pilots internationally.

“There is huge demand and men alone can’t fill that. It’s the women who will be the ones to drive this growth,” he said.

Historically, piloting positions were not marketed towards women, resulting in a meager 3% of the world’s pilots being female.

Spending significant amounts of time away from home was a challenge that initially may have discouraged women from pursuing careers as airline pilots. However, with the increased need for low-cost carriers that travel for shorter distances, women are now presented with the opportunity to pursue a career in aviation without having to sacrifice their home lives, Choudhrie said.

Bhanu Choudhrie ‘s Alpha Aviation Group continues to expend great effort to dispel the notion that only men could attend flight academies. Hosting recruitment events at universities throughout Asia, Choudhrie’s Alpha Aviation Group aims to assist in informing and encouraging young, intelligent and capable women with the hopes they will pursue a career in aviation.

Currently, in a class of 550, nearly one in five of Alpha Aviation Group’s students are women. Bhanu Choudhrie is anticipated to invest roughly US$12 million annually over the next three years to expand the Phillipine campus, with hopes of doubling the school’s intake and eventually opening campuses in La Union and Zambales.

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