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Asia Is Facing A Pilot Deficit- Bhanu Choudhrie Believes Women Are The Answer

South East Asia has been faced with an alarming deficit of pilots, resulting in cancelled flights and local carriers scrambling to manufacture their own flight academies. With Boeing estimating that Asia will require 266,000 more pilots by 2038, the deficit of pilots in Asia presents a considerable threat to its rising airline industry.

Bhanu Choudhrie, founder of Asia’s largest flight school “Alpha Aviation Group”, has taken a revolutionary approach towards resolving the pilot deficit – Tapping into the female workforce of the Philippines.

Bhanu Choudhrie has reoriented Alpha Aviation Group’s recruitment efforts towards women. The young, bright, women of the Philliines are an untapped workforce that Choudhrie believes can be the answer to the rising deficit of airline pilots internationally.

“There is huge demand and men alone can’t fill that. It’s the women who will be the ones to drive this growth,” he said.

Historically, piloting positions were not marketed towards women, resulting in a meager 3% of the world’s pilots being female.

Spending significant amounts of time away from home was a challenge that initially may have discouraged women from pursuing careers as airline pilots. However, with the increased need for low-cost carriers that travel for shorter distances, women are now presented with the opportunity to pursue a career in aviation without having to sacrifice their home lives, Choudhrie said.

Bhanu Choudhrie ‘s Alpha Aviation Group continues to expend great effort to dispel the notion that only men could attend flight academies. Hosting recruitment events at universities throughout Asia, Choudhrie’s Alpha Aviation Group aims to assist in informing and encouraging young, intelligent and capable women with the hopes they will pursue a career in aviation.

Currently, in a class of 550, nearly one in five of Alpha Aviation Group’s students are women. Bhanu Choudhrie is anticipated to invest roughly US$12 million annually over the next three years to expand the Phillipine campus, with hopes of doubling the school’s intake and eventually opening campuses in La Union and Zambales.

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