In-depth with Renowned writer Ted Bauman

In 2013 Ted Bauman joined the Banyan Hill Publishing company to spread his knowledge of the world further. Mr.Bauman brings a plethora of experience from his many years working in the non-profit sector. Although born in the U.S, Ted Bauman would be live most of his adult life in South Africa where he would earn a degree in Economics and History. This allowed Mr.Bauman to create an astonishing 25-year career of connecting people all over the world to resources that allowed them to live a fruitful and free life. We recently sat down with Ted Bauman do discuss his current occupation and thoughts on the present world economy.

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How are you able to bring your ideas to life?

Ted Bauman states that as a writer, it is his job to engage the reader and make them wanting more. This often involves the use of all his writing skills to make even the most mundane topics such as asset protection interesting and reliable to the reader. Adding these real-life examples to his writings gives the readers a reason to care and a reason to come back for more.

What current trend has really caught your attention?

The growing tendency by people to question the nature of our economy, says Mr. Bauman. He adds that this isn’t solely seen within the United States but by people all over the world. They are now asking if bending over backward for a corporation is truly the best thing for the taxpayer and the future of their respective countries economy.

What habit of yours has contributed the most to your success?

Mr.Bauman states that he tends to wake up very early as this is the time of the day that he is most productive. Time management has become a focal aspect of his career, and although he doesn’t think of himself as the best time manager, he does guard this time very carefully. Resisting to do anything else in the morning is the most important thing I can do to stay productive, says Ted Bauman.

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The Star of Nitin Khanna Shining Brighter Every Day

Nitin Khanna possesses business acumen, which is the envy of many. He continues to inspire others around the globe in a way that no other person has done in recent times. He has beaten all odds to become a respectable person both at home and in the world. The firm he founded assists companies in capitalizing.

Nitin Khanna pursued further education at the Purdue University where he graduated with a masters degree in industrial engineering. After University he was employed for a while but then decided it was not enough and launched his career in business with a debut tech company which he named Saber Corp. This was driven by the desire and the fire in Nitin Khanna to become the largest stand-alone firm of its kind.

From a job seeker, he had become the job itself. Saber Corp had an employee headcount of 1200 people with revenue counted in the millions of dollars. Nitin Khanna had a big dream bigger probably than even Saber Corp itself because 11 years later he moved on and founded his next company MergerTech. This is a small bank based out of Portland which provides M&A bits of advice.

Interestingly Nitin Khanna comes out as a lover of wines and movies quite unexpectedly. Why Nitin Khanna has expressed his passion for the arts by producing two great movies which have even been feted on many occasions with various awards. Additionally, he has made his own world-class wines which are in the market already and doing well.

Nitin Khanna was born in India and came to the United States for higher education as a young man. His brother, who joined him soon after from India was with him when they decided to start Saber Corp. Nitin Khanna loves music and is a professional DJ. This happened at Burning Man, where he had been invited to go with some friends. At that time Nitin Khanna had never seen or heard a DJ play, but when he went to Burning Man and saw one in action, he was so impressed that he decided to become one and he did.

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Alec Sellem & The Idea Behind Sellem Industries

As far as the business industry is concerned, most companies fall under two main categories. One, there are companies who have a focus on maximizing profit for their own benefit.

The second category is companies who have a focus on maximizing profit for the benefit of others. Of these two categories, which one is most likely the most beneficial to their industry? If you haven’t guessed, that would be the latter. In many ways, these companies show that they are successful enough to be unaffected by any business secrets, ideas, or other similar works. That being said, a great example of such a company can be seen with businessmen Alec Sellem and his company Sellem industries.

As CEO and founder of the gold mining company, Alec Sellem has made a number of direct contributions to other companies and communities in need. As a result of this, he has gained a distinguished reputation as a kind-hearted and important figure in his field. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at what the idea for company stems from.

An Idea That Came Naturally

In an article on Alec and his company, many of us might find it interesting to hear that the idea for his company came naturally. It didn’t come from a profound resolution to a problem or amazing breakthrough, instead, it came from an interest that was already in his mind. After a conversation and gold transaction with friends, Alec started thinking of how the whole process works and, thus, Sellem Industries was born. More than anything, this shows his natural ability to think in a way that other people don’t. Most people have to brainstorm and think of ideas for companies that end up failing anyway. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that both Alec and his company are in for many years of success ahead of them.

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Jason Hope Is Passionate About Helping Young Entrepreneurs And More

Jason Hope is known as many things, including a philanthropist and entrepreneur. He is also known for the work that he has done with politics and how he loves his home state of Arizona. He attended college in Arizona, at the state university. He cares about politics in his state and beyond, and the politics that he is most passionate about are related to business because that is the area that he knows a lot about and has been working in his whole career.

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Jason Hope is involved in a grant program that helps young people learn how to be good entrepreneurs. He wants to make a difference for them because he feels that many people do not have the funds that they need to get started with their careers. And, he believes that it is important for as many young people as possible to get started with their ideas because they will be the ones who will make a difference for the future of technology. And, when it comes to thinking up his own new ideas, Jason Hope always tries to keep things pretty simple and talk them out with those who are closest to him to get the ideas figured out well.

Jason Hope always tries to think about the long term when it comes to his ideas. He takes them slowly but thinks about how they could affect the future and why it is important to bring them to life. He is involved with many different things, from his own business ventures to the fight against aging and the organization that is working toward that, and he is always willing to give money to a cause that he believes in. He has donated quite a bit of money to SENS to help battle against the effects of aging.

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OSI Food Solutions: Food Service Innovation & Excellence

OSI Food Solutions, one of the world’s top food processors, is on a mission to become the world’s top processor of foods. This innovative company has a total of 65 working facilities and factories. When you take a closure look at OSI’s structure, the company is composed of test kitchens, pilot plants and culinary innovation centers. Some of the brightest of minds work at these plants, including the company’s talented R&D specialists. These particular professionals posses a make-it-happen mentality, and they’re responsible for creating some of the best tasting custom foods. OSI Food Solutions has facilities in:

• Poland

• The United Kingdom

• China

• Canada

• The Netherland

• Germany

• Japan

• And other areas
More than 100 years of experience in the food industry courses through the company’s veins on a daily basis. During the company’s inception, it was named Otto’s Meat Market, but it would go on to change its name to Otto’s Meat Market. As of today, OSI Food Solutions has become a global leader in food services. This special company offers a wide array of foods and services. When it comes to services, this company can provide management, processing, sourcing and distribution. Yes, this covers the entire gambit of the logistical process.

OSI Food Solutions can produce a long list of actual food products. This includes food that comes from every major food group. Clients can order directly from OSI instead of using catalogs. Panini, pizza, tomatoes, cooked sausage links, hot dogs, beef patties, meatballs, meatloaf, onions, Tofu, cookies, desserts, pasta, flatbread, fresh dough products, lettuce and many more. OSI Food Solutions is definitely the food provider of choice in the 21st century.

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Sharon Prince On Not Everyone is Taking on the Role to Make Tangible Change

The findings shared in a report on climate change point towards a significant amount of reshuffling in the corporate world if it is to deal with the effects of climate change effectively.

But not all of these firms are ready to take on the challenge just yet. For some, the findings shared in the report only remain that: findings alone. They have not rolled out plans to implement the changeover or have made any active efforts in abandoning their high emission practices.

Those who are dependent on the supply chain model still deal with logistics that for the large part are not environmentally friendly. Those who are involved in the food and beverage industry still rely on processes that consume a high amount of energy. And those involved in the energy businesses are still not 100 percent capable of producing clean energy to the point where it could fulfill the needs of all of their clientele.

Sharon Prince and The Responsibility Has to Be Acknowledged and Fulfilled

While almost everyone is aware of the detrimental nature of the effects of climate change, not everyone is making enough efforts to make sure that these risks are mitigated.

The negatives are being acknowledged by almost every single company that matters, yet the responsibility is only being shared by a select few, which should not be the case if the planet as we know it is to survive the next few decades.

This is why places such as Grace Farms are needed, as these spaces can help to engage communities and bring them to a brighter tomorrow. It is in places such as Grace Farms where individuals are able to expand their minds and learn.

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Marc Beer

One of the co-founders of a company called Renovia is Marc Beer. He also holds the position of chief executive officer and he currently sits on the chairman of the board as well. Marc Beers company Renovia is a pharmaceutical company. Marc Beer has experience in the areas of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, devices, and diagnostics. He has done developmental and commercialization work in all of these industries. The two other co-founders who had a hand in founding Renovia with Marc Beer is Ramon Iglesias MD and Yolanda Lorie. The three of them open the doors for the company in 2016. Marc Beer has a successful track record for founding companies. In 2000 of April he founded a company called Via Cell and he was also the chief executive officer of this company.


The company’s focus and specialization were in collection, preservation, and development of umbilical cord blood stem cells. It took Marc Beer seven years to grow the company to more than 300 employees. Marc Beer is a proven leader and has shown the ability to build and grow a successful company. Marc Beer has just been recently appointed to the chairman of the board of a surgical device company called LumeNTX. The specialty of LumeNTX is that they develop a proprietary surgical illumination product line for minimally invasive surgery. The company appointed Marc Beer because they were impressed with his experience and leadership capabilities in his 25-year career. Marc Beer humbly accepted the position and was honored to be working with such an accomplished group of surgeons and engineers. Marc Beer also sees the necessity of LumeNTX this company will make more the minimally-invasive surgeries available. 


When surgeons were interviewed after using this new targeted illumination technology they stated that it improves a visualization, flexibility, and precision during a surgical procedure. LumeNTX is a unique technology because it reduces heat during surgery and it is low cost. The co-founder of LumeNTX states that they hired Marc Beer because he has extremely high levels of success when it comes to expanding companies globally and a creative high profitability margins. Marc Beer also launched commercial businesses that addressed the areas of rare disease and took these companies globally. The goal of LumeNTX is to improve surgical precision, workflow efficiency, and safety through enhanced and visualization. Learn more:


Oren Frank and Creativity

Oren Frank knows that you could be the president of a country, an organization, a non profit, you can be web developer or you can be a stay at home mom. You can be a sixth grader or 12th grader, either way, Oren Frank knows that you are likely going to need to have optimal mental health in your life.

Always remember, that there are applications such as TalkSpace that are there for you to express your concerns, to talk to someone who can help and provide you with a bit of care when you might need it the most.

In the meantime, watch your thoughts. Your thoughts add up life and can be to your benefit or to your detriment, live well by thinking well.

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They Could Have an Impact on Your Creativity

Apart from making you feel sad and breaking away your focus in exchange for meaningless theories, these thoughts could have such an impact on your mind that it could momentarily lose its sense of creativity.

It is because when your mind is so preoccupied with thoughts, whether they are of any meaning or not, your ability to concoct new and creative ideas is limited by a significant margin. You are not able to think about innovative way to do, present or execute certain things, which in turn could be quite detrimental to your work especially if it involves creative thinking as a performance indicator.

The most worrisome part of this aspect is that you are not really able to identify this problem until it becomes too troublesome and glaring to the point where it isn’t able to be missed at all. And that realization often comes in the form of a performance review, a formal notice, or an official warning to improve your game at the workplace.


Meet Luke Lazarus, the Great Entrepreneur

New businesses have a low chance of surviving in their first five years. If you are keen with the business world, you will realize that there is a small percentage of entrepreneurs who set up company after company.

They grow them successfully into mature establishments and sell them for huge margins. The talented entrepreneurs depend on their skills and knowledge to survive. They are in the front line to help new businesspeople work through the steep learning curve that has sent many to their financial deaths.

Luke Lazarus is a well-known individual in the world of business. The Australian expert had recorded recommendable achievements right from when he was in school. Given his proven business, sports, and academic talents, Lazarus was an outstanding student in college. After graduating, he spent around ten years creating four entities.

He could sale the companies for significant sums. This led to his financial independence when he was only 35 years. He realized that his joy lied in helping others. He ended up becoming a business consultant.

Lazarus has gained a reputation for helping dozens of business make it to multimillion-dollar level. According to the serial entrepreneur, most upcoming businesspersons do not know brand messaging, high finance, and road shows. He aids new ventures in shaping their functions, messaging, and books to conform to the angel investors and capitalist requirements. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

Anyone willing to join the business industry must know that there is a huge difference between what you think and realities on the business grounds. He emphasizes the importance of having enough funds and knowledge before setting up a business.

Success Shaping

Luke Lazarus uses his amassed experience to shape the companies of their clients into the operation kinds that will capture the attention of business capitalists.

He will guide you in crafting messaging to give your operations a sense of purpose. The business expert makes sure that you have a great emotional connection with your market.

About Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus is a popular startup consultant with a steady record spanning twenty years of successfully managing growth, building company plans, and providing insights to business managers in Australia. He graduated from Melbourne Business School. Currently, the talented individual spends most of his time with waning or new companies. He helps them identify issues that might affect its success.

Enterprises hire him to aid in business plan drafting. Lazarus will outline your product or service story to tell it to potential investors, employees, partners, and customers. Developer presentations is a role that he treats with more effort. He takes his consultancy to boardrooms for his clients to discuss the needed financial aid.

Lazarus also participates in market research where he assists his clienteles to identify customer influence points and segmented markets before opening it. Working with this great businessman is assure way of increasing your survival rate in the competitive economy.

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A Saving Grace That’s Known As Sharon Prince


Wildlife sanctuaries have been disappearing for a number of years, and there has been many efforts to soften the blow. Located in New Canaan, Connecticut, is a phenomenal nature preserve that goes by the name of Grace Farms. Grace Farms is also a nonprofit organization that provides an escape for individuals who suffer from emotional abuse. This organization sits on more than 80 acres of real estate, and it has a futuristic exterior design. Go Here for more information.

On the other hand, Grace Farms Foundation was founded by businesswoman Sharon Prince. This woman also serves as the foundation’s chairman and president. Prince created this place as a new kind of open space. This peaceful setting hosts its own wildlife that’s native to the area, and the wildlife is protected.

Sharon Prince is passionate about social justice, environmental justice and creative art forms. Sharon Prince is one of the few individuals who stands up for creativity.

Led by Sharon Prince, the building hosts a number of structures and rooms that have specific purposes. Sunday service as well as secular services are generally held at the sanctuary. This structure hosts up to 700 seats, and it sits much higher in elevation than the remaining structures.

The commons is where individuals eat and hangout while engaging with others. There’s also a pavilion that serves tea, a basketball court for sporting activities and a library. Sharon has put her heart and soul into developing this property, and it’s certainly paying off as a blessing for those who need it.

Grace Farms Foundation has walking trails that flow between ponds, wetlands and trees. What more could anyone ever ask for in a well-established sanctuary for all?


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