Why Dr. Tim Ioannides Is The Most Unique Dermatologist In Florida


It goes without saying that becoming a certified dermatologist is no easy task, but to become a certified dermatologist who is also the CEO of his own multi-unit dermatology practice is almost unheard of. This miraculous feat was accomplished by Dr. Tim Ioannides, a University of Miami alum that has a passion for dermatology.

Before Dr. Ioannides became the successful business owner that he is today, he was studying at the University of Miami’s School of Medicine to receive a degree in the medical field. While he was completing his studies, he was also completing an internship at the University of Florida School of Medicine’s Health Science Center.

After he graduated and received his medical degree, he completed his residency program at the University of Miami School of Medicine in the Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital. View Related Info Here.

He went through extensive formal education to ensure he was as prepared as possible for his future in dermatology. Once he started working in the field of dermatology, he noticed something that he didn’t expect to find. Tim Ioannides realized that a majority of the people that were coming into the dermatology office were there for cosmetic procedures, and not because they needed actual medical attention.

It was this realization that led to him creating his own dermatology practice instead of working under others. He wanted to create a dermatology office that focuses on the medical side of dermatology and puts an emphasis on connecting with the patients he helped.

Treasure Coast Dermatology was born from that idea, and after 15 years in business, he has five separate locations across Florida. All of his dermatology offices put an emphasis on human connection, they even make sure to avoid the utilization of computers while getting to know the patient because it takes away from the intimacy of a doctor’s visit.


Visit him on http://www.tcdermatology.com/