End Citizens United Uncovers Republican Party Ads Published By Russian Companies On Facebook

The current political scenario in the government is incredibly tense owing to the number of corrupt practices that have come to light. People are starting to realize just how much of a bad situation they are in due to the Republican party coming into power. People from all over the country are coming forward in protest of the numerous actions that are taking place in the government, and End Citizens United is one of them.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that works to bring about change in the American society. The country is, in fact, a democracy and therefore people should theoretically be allowed to have a say in the matters of politics. However, it is only the wealthy and famous who get a say in things and not the rest of the population. The organization wants to make it so that the people will at least get a say in the things that govern them, and have a platform to voice their opinions on the policies and laws that are being passed in the government.

One of the most recent corruption schemes going on in the government was owing to the ads that were being published on Facebook for the Republican party. When the presidential campaign was going on, Facebook started showcasing ads that were being paid for by a Russian company. This enticed viewers to vote for the party and proved to be extremely useful in convincing the population, as evidenced by the results of the elections. In a way, these ads impacted the results of the vote, which has helped decide the future of the country. To prevent things like this from happening, the government had ruled that no foreign companies would be allowed to invest in any way into a political party and the campaigns that they conduct. However, the company that was involved with this did not do so directly, and operated through the loopholes in the law, making it perfectly legal. However, this did not play out well, and now has shed more evidence to the fact that the organization might have political ties to the Russian government in some way or the other.

ECU knows that if this continues, the country is being led in an unfavorable position, leading to their inevitable downfall. This is not one of the routes that the country should ideally take, which is why the organization is working to remedy the situation. The organization believes that the Democratic Party is the better choice for leading the country and therefore should be the ones in power as opposed to their Republican counterparts. The organization is working to help overthrow the corrupt and unqualified members of the political system so that only those who are well experienced and know what to do will be in power.

Visit endcitizensunited.org for more information about the group.