The Star of Nitin Khanna Shining Brighter Every Day

Nitin Khanna possesses business acumen, which is the envy of many. He continues to inspire others around the globe in a way that no other person has done in recent times. He has beaten all odds to become a respectable person both at home and in the world. The firm he founded assists companies in capitalizing.

Nitin Khanna pursued further education at the Purdue University where he graduated with a masters degree in industrial engineering. After University he was employed for a while but then decided it was not enough and launched his career in business with a debut tech company which he named Saber Corp. This was driven by the desire and the fire in Nitin Khanna to become the largest stand-alone firm of its kind.

From a job seeker, he had become the job itself. Saber Corp had an employee headcount of 1200 people with revenue counted in the millions of dollars. Nitin Khanna had a big dream bigger probably than even Saber Corp itself because 11 years later he moved on and founded his next company MergerTech. This is a small bank based out of Portland which provides M&A bits of advice.

Interestingly Nitin Khanna comes out as a lover of wines and movies quite unexpectedly. Why Nitin Khanna has expressed his passion for the arts by producing two great movies which have even been feted on many occasions with various awards. Additionally, he has made his own world-class wines which are in the market already and doing well.

Nitin Khanna was born in India and came to the United States for higher education as a young man. His brother, who joined him soon after from India was with him when they decided to start Saber Corp. Nitin Khanna loves music and is a professional DJ. This happened at Burning Man, where he had been invited to go with some friends. At that time Nitin Khanna had never seen or heard a DJ play, but when he went to Burning Man and saw one in action, he was so impressed that he decided to become one and he did.

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Alec Sellem Backs Responsible Gold Mining Principles


Responsible Gold Mining Principles, which is a draft made to be known by the World Gold Council, seeks to provide valid information on responsible gold mining practices. This includes respecting local people and their rights abiding by ethics. Responsible Gold Mining Principles sets forth new guidelines. These guidelines include clearly laid intentions of practices to stakeholders, investors, and other participants as to what responsible gold mining is defined as.

Alec Sellem is the CEO of Sellem Industries LLC, and is one of the gold mining industry’s leaders today. He participates in a panel at the United Nations in New York City and has contributed to the Responsible Gold Mining Principles draft.

Sellem understands that responsible gold mining has a priority to protect the welfare and security of the local communities and mining companies. A finding of gold in any area has the potential to drive the economy forward with positivity, especially in a developing country.

A gold mine has the potential to have long-lasting effects if the wealth is used properly. Responsible gold mining in this area is key because it leads the way in the creation of new jobs, transportation, electricity, bettering schools and local programs and driving a country forward. See This Page to learn more.

According to Alec Sellem, responsible gold mining also means that the wealth gained from a gold mine isn’t used in any unethical way. This is especially important because in over half of the countries mined for gold, war and social development are two of the largest concerns. Understanding responsible gold mining means that there is no funding towards weapons or fighting in the countries that are war-torn.

Alec Sellem hopes to lead the way for the Responsible Gold Mining Principles to become the international standard. With clear cut intentions, it won’t be hard for the industry to adopt these changes.



Richard Liu Qiangdong – Helping Raise Money for Many Charities

The e-commerce industry is one of the most fiercely competitive and gaining success in this field is not an easy task. However, Richard Liu Qiangdong has been able to prove the critics wrong and achieve phenomenal growth consistently over the years.

The thirst to achieve success has been instilled in Richard Liu Qiangdong from a very young age when he saw his parents work hard to ends meet. He knew that in order to achieve success, one should not compromise on studies and thus, completed his graduation in the field of sociology and went on to complete his masters in the field of business administration as well.

It helped him get the basic knowledge of running a business and how to grow it over a period of time. Richard Liu Qiangdong started restaurant before he entered the retail sector, but unfortunately, it didn’t work and it compelled him to enter a different industry.

He chose the retail sector, considering the growth it witnessed due to the China’s economic boom. He took a four square meter shop on lease at China’s Technology Hub in Beijing and it went on to achieve considerable success in the next few years, resulting in the business growing from one shop to several stores in various parts of the country. Richard Liu Qiangdong switched to e-commerce in the year 2004, forced by the losses his company suffered due to SARS epidemic in the country. It marked the beginning of the success story that we know today as, which went on to become the first Chinese company to be listed on New York Stock Exchange. It is also the first e-commerce company to be listed in the Fortune 500 Global list.

Richard Liu Qiangdong has also used his platform to raise money for any different charities. He feels that the platform is the best way to raise money as people are looking to donate for important causes but do not know where to turn to. He has helped many charities by allowing them to use their platform.

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Richard Liu and Improving In Life

Richard Liu is an executive who has been there and has done that.


Well, Richard Liu has strived since 1996 and even before that to build businesses. There were times when Richard Liu was knocked down by life but he didn’t let them that stop him from growing and become the leader that he is today.

As a matter of fact, Richard Liu used these times as a way to grow and to learn, to understand what not to do, and what to do. His interest in emerging technologies and being conscious of customers is what helped him to build Jingdong to be the company that it is today.

He makes certain to stay up beat and positive even if there are macro conditions that would cause others concern.

Richard Liu may advise up and coming leaders to start with solid foundation. Real estate, quite literally, might be a solid foundation.

In real estate there are many different arrangements one can make.

These kind of arrangements were quite difficult to make up until a few years ago. But platforms such as Airbnb have made the process akin to a walk in the park. You could simply take a few pictures of the properly or room you want to rent out, go through the sign up process at the platform, and wait for interested parties to contact you.

From there, it is just a matter of providing suitable accommodations and receiving your rental money as a result. You will just need to ensure that your property is maintained between guests to offer an optimal experience to them, which could be done through usual cleaning and maintenance efforts.

All in all, this provides you with a way to make easy money with minimal efforts, and comes without any over investment.

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Dan Bethelmy-Rada: The R.A.W Creator

Natural environmentally safe hair care products are growing in popularity all over the world. Dan Bethelmy-Rada, Global brand president for Matrix | Biolage, a US-based hair care brand, saw this as an opportunity to create his own hair care company. So, he started R.A.W, a professional hair care company committed to ensuring completely natural products through formulation, manufacturing, and packaging. L’Oréal’s Sharing Beauty with All program assisted Dan in his journey to his first US Launch.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada wanted all of his products to be natural, effective, and highly biodegradable. The first step to achieving this goal was obtaining sustainable, fair, and traceable sources. He made sure that all materials followed the environmental-respectful principles of green chemistry. The company had a very minimalist approach to production such as using recycled plastic for the shampoo bottles. Since the launch, the products are recorded to be 70% natural and 98% biodegradable.

Due to his ambition and high standards for the quality of R.A.W products, Dan ran into a lot of challenges. Trying to obtain the most natural products comes at a great cost. In conjunction with teams in Research & Innovation and Operations, huge investments went into testing for these materials. One of the big costs came from the use of clay due to its likelihood of contamination during transportation. Time played a key factor in the process of the first launch. The official launch was delayed because of testing.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada not only wanted to spread his brand but also educate people on the natural lifestyle. To promote R.A.W products, the company created the #LiveRaw digital campaign where they created fun and educational videos showcasing R.A.W products. Dan focused on teaching professionals in the hair community about the benefits of natural products.

Once R.A.W hit the US, consumers all over the country were flocking to these natural products. The hair care brand received 90% of positive reviews along with many positive comments from consumers. The success in the United States has motivated Dan Bethelmy-Rada to spread the brand’s reach across the Atlantic Ocean in Europe.

Alec Sellem Localizing Gold Processing

A Passion for Gold

Alec Sellem is the CEO and founder of a Gold refining company. The company Alec Sellem is passionate about is Sellem Industries, which his located and founded in England. Alec Sellem seeks to streamline all of his activities today in order to stay on track and set on his overall goal, to find successful gold mining sites that offer the opportunity for growth and progress. Sellem is a gold mining as well as a gold refining expert. Sellem combines entrepreneurial edge with a keen sense of business, which he has honed for many years in the gold mining industry, especially in Africa, where it currently mines in Sierra Leone and Senegal.

Working With Communities

While his main concern is the production of gold and its refining processes, Sellem works with local groups in order to create a wholesome and beneficial approach for all. Sellem Industries has a Philanthropic arm, which works to sustain local communities thru its agricultural projects, as well as supporting the local communities with creating jobs, offering educational opportunities, as well as creating a school for its local communities.

Ideamensch Interview

In a recent interview with Ideamensch Alec Sellem was asked how the idea for his company came about. According to Founder and CEO of Sellem Industries, his company was the result of a long organic growth toward ingesting multiple ideas and processes experienced in the gold processing and refining processes. A friend of his has invited him to participate in some gold trading and Sellem recognized an opportunity to take the process from being located on a globalized scale to a more localized integration.

Localizing Gold Processing

His idea to create a gold refinery closer to home seemed to be a much more sensible goal than bringing the workers to the work rather than the work to the worker. Sellem found that this way of doing business would be more profitable to all others like miners, government, buyers and sellers, as well as those making and implementing tax laws. It was hitting upon this method that Alec Sellem found that he has reached the kind of work he wanted to pursue and Sellem Industries came about.

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Zeco Auriemo Neto – JHSF is Flourishing Under his Leadership

Zeco Auriemo Neto popular and respected a businessman from Brazil, who has earned a great reputation lately due to the leadership he provided to JHSF Inc, a real estate firm that his father, Fabio Auriemo started in the year 1972. Under the leadership and supervision of Zeco Auriemo, JHSF Inc has become highly modernized as well as aggressive in its approach when it comes to business and marketing. Zeco Auriemo doesn’t mind taking a few risks for the betterment of the company, and it is his efforts that have helped the company to consolidate its position in the real estate sector lately.

Zeco Auriemo Neto has studied business management from the FAAP University in Sao Paulo after which he joined JHSF Inc. Working at various positions in the company since he joined the company in 1993 has helped him gain a better understanding of the real estate sector as well as how the company operates. It has also helped Zeco Auriemo identify the areas where the company needs to improve itself. After becoming the CEO of the company, he implemented many changes in order to improve the efficiency of the company and increase its revenue, which has worked wonders for the company. He has also given more freedom and power to the management to make decisions that have helped the company to work even better. People working for the company are happy with the changes that he has brought about and has contributed to the success of the company.

JHSF Inc also manages Fasano Hotels and Resorts, one of the most popular chains of luxury hotels and resorts in Brazil. The company also manages several shopping malls that it has constructed in the last few years, including Cidade Jardim, Bela Vista, Ponta Negra, and a few others. Before that, there were just a few alls, and none of them were as big as he has built. Zeco Auriemo Neto has also been actively investing in the real estate sector of the United States and the United Kingdom as he is eyeing great returns in the future from these specific real estate markets.

The Success and Performance of Lincolnshire Management

Lincolnshire Management was founded in 1986, and it deals with offering its services as a private equity company. Their services are that Lincolnshire Management invest in small companies and they acquire other companies all over the world. The company is based in New York City, where they are dedicated to offering their services. The different companies they acquire include corporate divestitures, a private firm and corporate divestitures. Lincolnshire Management has been of help to so many public and private companies in that they invest in them. The company is responsible for managing over $1.7 billion of the private equity funds. In the investment that they have done in the past 26 years, it can make more 70 acquisitions.

Additionally, when it comes to organising investments Lincolnshire Management is highly flexible. To offer the best to their client, Lincolnshire Management have employed expertise in different operational and managerial skills. The various companies they are in charge of include Nursery Supplies, Latite, Allison Marine, True Temper Sports, and Desch Plantpak. The leading companies that the Lincolnshire Management focuses on are profitable companies in the field of service, distribution, and manufacturing that have been able to maintain a vast customer base, and has growth opportunities.

Recently Lincolnshire Management took part in the sale of Holley Performance Products that was sold to Sentinel Capital Partners. The reason for the acquisition was so that the two companies can merge driven performance brands. Lincolnshire Management has achieved all its success because of T J. Maloney, who is the CEO of the company. All he had to say about the acquisition is that because of Holley’s brand strength, excellent product portfolio, and an impressive management team they have the best in creating investment opportunities. Lincolnshire Management have been in partnership with the company since 2013, and they have ensured that they have worked together always to promote remarkable growth and get an effective acquisition plan. The other thing that has resulted from the partnership is that Lincolnshire Management have set investment plans to get new products. The good thing about Holley Iconic is that through the use of diligent products they can propel innovations.

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Nitin Khanna Is Living The American Dream As A Successful Entrepreneur

Nitin Khanna grew up in India, but he moved to the United States to pursue his entrepreneurial goals when he was 17 years old. He started out by working in the paper industry but quickly recognized that technology was the future. He went to work with Oracle Corporation, where he eventually held many different leadership positions. Instead of continuing to work for someone else, he decided to leave the company and start a business with his brother who had just moved to the U.S. from India.

Together, Nitin Khanna and his brother founded Saber software. The created their software company at the perfect time as many states in the U.S. were looking to upgrade their elections systems. Over the years, Saber provided software for the DMV, voting locations in more than 20 states, and unemployment registration. Khanna grew the company until it had made more than $120 million in revenue. He eventually sold the company for $460 million but stayed on to help it grow until its yearly revenue hit $300 million.

After creating and selling a successful company, Nitin Khanna decided to move on and create MergerTech. This company focuses on mergers and acquisitions in the technology sector. Khanna mainly works with startups in the industry and has been able to offer banking services and helpful advice to the companies that need it the most. Aside from MergerTech, Nitin Khanna entered into the cannabis industry in 2015. He served as the chief executive officer of Cura Cannabis in the past but left the company in 2017 to pursue other goals.

Nitin Khanna is an entrepreneur who represents the fulfilment of the American dream. He continues to work hard by serving Mergertech as its chief executive officer and is more than happy to be able to be a part of the success of entrepreneurs in the tech industry. Khanna has served as a mentor to aspiring businessmen and businesswomen and has found success through his ability to stay disciplined in the face of anything that comes up. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degree in industrial engineering while attending Purdue University.

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Serge Belamant improves the economy through innovating technologies

His significance to technology and background

Serge Belamant is known as the patent owner of blockchain technologies. His career as a software developer was significant when he introduced different technology. He assisted the engineers in producing more cryptocurrencies as they assisted in making transactions. Through his creativity, he has enabled operations to flow smoothly at banks and state facilities. They have been able to accelerate their operations withdrawals and deposits. The skilled engineer was born in France but grew in South Africa. It is here that he learned how to write and speak English.

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His career path

Serge Belamant pursued his studies at The Highland North High School I where he was a talented player. He participated in several sports like athletics, rugby, and chess where he dominated effectively. Later, the innovator continued with his education where he joined Witwatersrand University and The University of South Africa. In these campuses, Serge Belamant did computer systems, information systems, and engineering. After completing his education, he got a job at Matrix which is a leading civil engineering firm on computers. The company utilized finite element analysis program and produced unique devices. These devices assisted in forecasting future droughts.

His role in different industries

Serge Belamant assisted engineers to improve computer models for developments at The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. Through his skills and creativity with computers, he helped them to develop digital mapping and statistical approaches. It is where he acquired skills on road network analysis and graphics interfaces. To obtain more finances for his personal use, he helped Control Data’s engineers to undertake to benchmark against computer manufacturers. Some of them included COBOL and APL among others. Serge Belamant undertook debugging code activities and helped on operating several scientific packages. Later, he transferred to DATABANK where he created the first financial system using Control Data device. He was given a role to serve as a consultant at Bancorp to research risk management. They started from structural engineering to linear programming. It is at this stage that he innovated a program to assess the risk and test business sustainability. Due to this approach, he was recognized and awarded for his contributions to the sector. Visit: