The Marketing Genius of Vijay Eswaran

There are many marketing companies around the world. However, only a few of them have risen to become massively successful and respected by the entire industry. The QI Group is one of these marketing companies. Since the QI Group was started in 1998, it has thrived under the leadership of a man named Vijay Eswaren. He grew up poor in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. From these very humble beginnings, he started a company that has changed the marketing industry throughout Asia. Vijay has proven himself to be one of the most astute business leaders in the world. He always seems to know what the competition is going to do before they do it. This has allowed him to keep his company ahead of the pack for so many years.

The QI Group has established a reputation for excellence. They have designed some of the most famous and successful marketing campaigns ever. Vijay Eswaran employs some of the most brilliant minds when it comes to taking a product and making it desirable to millions of people. This is why the QI Group always has so many clients. They do very high quality work. This causes their clients to recommend their services to other companies. This word-of-mouth is one of the main ways that the company has been able to grow at such a fast rate.

Vijay was educated in England at the London School of Economics. He was not sure what type of business he was going to run after he finished his education. He was watching some ads on TV and thought that he could come up with better ideas about how to market those products. It was at this time that he began to think about the possibility of working for a marketing company after he graduated. However, he thought it would be much more appealing to be the boss. It was at that point that his only focus was to open his own marketing firm that he would control.

Vijay Eswaran is now one of the most respected business leaders in all of Asia. He has earned this reputation thanks to more than two decades at the helm of the QI Group. The company is renowned for their ingenious and innovative marketing campaigns that make their competitors look like amateurs by comparison. Vijay is proud of the fact that the QI Group has made many charitable donations over the years. They also do their part to help the environment.

Vijay Eswaran believes that the QI Group has only scratched the surface of what they can achieve. They are doing better than ever before. The company is currently headquartered in Hong Kong. They have additional offices in several other Asian countries.

TJ Maloney Teaches His Ways


TJ Maloney’s father was a business owner. Maloney worked for his father in the various business his father created. These businesses gave him a wide spectrum of experience, such as engineering and sales, quality control and collections. This helped to shape Maloney by instilling in him the desire to manage his own businesses.

Maloney worked as a lawyer after finishing his studies at Fordham Law School. Now, his day to day routine is quite full. He starts off each day with two cups of coffee. Regardless of what his agenda for the day entails, he has developed the ability to perfectly balance his time between meetings and his projects.

Maloney says that it is important to set aside time to read about the various industries and keep up on the market, as well as to take time to contemplate the way the entire business works.

Maloney follows his own process when it comes to his investments. Collaboration is important, and conducting thorough research is imperative. Sometimes, Maloney says, it makes sense to hire an industry consultant who knows the ins and outs better.

A key factor to Maloney’s success is his interest in potential areas for improvement. When he is prospecting a company, he finds these areas, which tells him a lot about the way the company works.

TJ Maloney is both CEO and Chairman of the New York City based company Lincolnshire Management. The company invests in companies operating in many different industries. Lincolnshire was founded in 1986, and Maloney joined the company in 1993. Since, he has been a member of the investment committee.

He worked diligently through law school and kept his mind motivated and dedicated to progress, seeking out every opportunity to increase his productivity that presented itself. Maloney credits his business oriented mindset to his father, after watching his success with businesses. This is also where he gained a lot of the initial experience that has led him to such success today. This experience has grown into a strong and multifaceted skillset. His investments involve a series of step by step procedures that result in a thorough understanding of the viability of a particular investment.

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Why Sheldon Lavin Will be Remembered at OSI Group

Leaders are made according to Sheldon Lavin. He has worked for it for more than three decades. This can be approved by stakeholders of OSI Group. He is the chief executive officer of OSI Group which is the leading food producer in the world. The company has more than 70 facilities across 16 countries. They are still on their way to various countries in search of better opportunities and identification of markets for their products. Read more news at

OSI Group started way back in 1900 and the century they have been in business has made them so successful. It was initially owned by Otto who was a German immigrant. It was a small shop that was operating in Illinois, Chicago. He used to supply the area neighborhoods with meat. The company growth took shape and he even took his sons with him to help him run the venture. It was bearing a lot of fruits until they registered the business as Otto & Sons.

Around 1963, McDonald’s opened a restaurant in Chicago and requested Otto & Sons to supply meat at their outlet. McDonald’s was able to grow and expand tremendously within a very short period. They started opening branches across all corners of the country to a point of Otto & Sons concentrating on their business alone. At around 1970, they needed funding to enable them to advance in their facilities. The existing ones could not hold a huge demand. They approached Sheldon Lavin & Associates for consultancy services. He was able to refer them to a very good credit partner who offered very low-interest rates.

Sheldon Lavin would then become a close friend of the two brothers who were at the retirement age. When one stepped down, Sheldon Lavin took over his roles as a partner. They decided to change the name of the company to OSI Group from Otto & Sons. He did not for many years as a partner. The younger brother also left after a certain period, Sheldon Lavin became the company’s Chief Executive Officer and the owner of the company. Much progress has been realized and Sheldon is one of the few people who have brought these changes on board. See also:

Asia Is Facing A Pilot Deficit- Bhanu Choudhrie Believes Women Are The Answer

South East Asia has been faced with an alarming deficit of pilots, resulting in cancelled flights and local carriers scrambling to manufacture their own flight academies. With Boeing estimating that Asia will require 266,000 more pilots by 2038, the deficit of pilots in Asia presents a considerable threat to its rising airline industry.

Bhanu Choudhrie, founder of Asia’s largest flight school “Alpha Aviation Group”, has taken a revolutionary approach towards resolving the pilot deficit – Tapping into the female workforce of the Philippines.

Bhanu Choudhrie has reoriented Alpha Aviation Group’s recruitment efforts towards women. The young, bright, women of the Philliines are an untapped workforce that Choudhrie believes can be the answer to the rising deficit of airline pilots internationally.

“There is huge demand and men alone can’t fill that. It’s the women who will be the ones to drive this growth,” he said.

Historically, piloting positions were not marketed towards women, resulting in a meager 3% of the world’s pilots being female.

Spending significant amounts of time away from home was a challenge that initially may have discouraged women from pursuing careers as airline pilots. However, with the increased need for low-cost carriers that travel for shorter distances, women are now presented with the opportunity to pursue a career in aviation without having to sacrifice their home lives, Choudhrie said.

Bhanu Choudhrie ‘s Alpha Aviation Group continues to expend great effort to dispel the notion that only men could attend flight academies. Hosting recruitment events at universities throughout Asia, Choudhrie’s Alpha Aviation Group aims to assist in informing and encouraging young, intelligent and capable women with the hopes they will pursue a career in aviation.

Currently, in a class of 550, nearly one in five of Alpha Aviation Group’s students are women. Bhanu Choudhrie is anticipated to invest roughly US$12 million annually over the next three years to expand the Phillipine campus, with hopes of doubling the school’s intake and eventually opening campuses in La Union and Zambales.

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Should Athletes Be Paid By Kevin Plank?

One of today’s hotly debated topics that is talked about on different news platforms is whether college athletes should be paid to play and their likeness. For as long as college athletics have been around it has been illegal for college athletes to be paid, even though cheating has gone on for many years. This is due to laws enforced by the NCAA, but the state of California just passed the “fair pay to play” act which is causing debates around the country and could cause chaos among college athletes. One of the voices that is advocating for college athletes to be paid is Under Armour’s CEO Kevin Plank.

Kevin Plank believes that college athletes should be paid for marketing and that they should be able to sign a sponsorship with different companies. Under Armour is a sporting clothes company that already pays professional athletes and if the student athletes could get paid this would enhance Under Armour’s brand if they could sign college athletes to a sponsorship. According to Kevin Plank on, the schools and college sports industry already make enough money from these kid’s talents.

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Other famous sports figures agree with Kevin Plank and the bill the state of California just passed as well. If Governor Newsome of California signs and passes the bill, it would go into effect January 2023. The opposition to this bill argues that if you pay the college athletes the difference between amateur game and the professional game is irrelevant. Professionals get paid to play and if the student athletes are paid then what is the point of the college game. The NCAA will also oppose the bill and it will cause a riff between the government and the NCAA.

Kevin Plank does not have any say when it comes to the government passing the bill or the NCAA fighting against it, but as a businessman and CEO of Under Armour his take has nothing to do with business. He knows what kind of grind the student athletes go through and wants to make sure they get compensated for their work.

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Igor Cornelsen Entertains Idea Of Continuous Investing

Building a strong investment portfolio is going to take time. It is not an overnight success. In fact, Igor Cornelsen recommends that investors start as early as possible and never stop building their portfolio. There are so many people that assume that investing is all about a 20 or 30 year block of time where you save for retirement. Igor disputes this and believes completely differently when it comes to successful financial portfolios.

From Igor Cornelsen’s perspective, there is no need to stop money that is making money if you are getting a good rate on return. This goes with any type of interest or dividends that are being paid out through your investments. Some people that are looking at a specific time frame to stop investing will not think about all of the money that they are losing when they stop their investments. This is what makes Igor Cornelsen a special type of investor. He helps people see that they risk the chance of losing out on so much money when they stop their money from making anything in their retirement years. He believes that investors that are looking forward to retirement should keep their money in places where you can still make money even in their retirement years.

You may lose your desire to play the riskier stock market investments, but you could at least leave some of the money in a 12-month CD. When you have the money that you have saved for your retirement at your disposal it is not like you are going to need every dime of this money within a year.

In the course of one year. Igor believes that you can save some money in a no risk, no penalty certificate of deposit and still find yourself collecting a sizable amount of interest on a monthly basis.

The Outstanding Career of Vijay Eswaran

It is easy to separate a business that is mediocre from one that is doing well. Companies that are excelling tend to have positive online feedback and continuous acquisition of profits. Vijay Eswaran has progressed in his business with his progressive mindset in planning and perseverance. He has lived to practice continuous skill development throughout his professional life. He has developed his knowledge through spending his time online learning the new trends and modern aspects for business growth. Through engaging with other people, he has identified the crucial factors behind success in a venture. Besides focusing on his personal life, he has invested in helping his employees grow. He conducts continuous training for his employees by teaching them on the essential aspects of outstanding business. He engages other successful individuals in the industry to help him educate his workers on the basics for moving his venture forward.

Vijay Eswaran has remained driven to be the greatest. The negative issues that have affected his performance at work have never discouraged him from making his moves. Though he is a prolific entrepreneur, he likes writing books to motivate and inspire people. He targets to draw people closer to the business world through the encouragement he gives them in his motivational talks and writings. He has given people the meaning of life by being their supporter in their dark moments. His words of encouragement have impacted his career as he is consulted by most executives and church owners to share his wisdom with their workers.

Vijay Eswaran is keen on creating efficiency in his brand. He notes that the treatment that customers receive at a company influences their customer experience. If a company staff mishandles a client, it gets almost impossible for them to come back for more services at the venture, and this slows down development in an enterprise. Clients that do not receive efficient services end up giving back negative feedback about a particular company to other interested clients, and this may put off new clients from shopping with the specific venture. Vijay Eswaran encourages business owners to create flexibility and convenience in their services. He adds that firms in areas that are easily accessible give clients motivation to stick to the venture as they acquire services faster.

Vijay Eswaran has facilitated growth at his QI Group venture through the empathy he exercises. His venture owns a vast number of affiliates in different countries, offering diverse products and services to people for different communities. He has served people with humility as his business operates in many fields like health care, technology, and education sectors. His emphatic nature has enabled him to shun leaders that mishandle their employees. He advocates for employee rights as he knows that they are human-like him. He respects his staff and gives them opportunities to rest when they feel weary. Besides, he offers them the best wages according to law requirements and his success at the QI Group is due to the hard-working nature of his team. Find out more about Vijay Eswaran:

Todd Levine Attorney Artist and Musician

Whatever the area of litigation is, there is an attorney who will find the most creative solutions for the case: Todd Levine. His ability to simplify problems attract many business owners to work with him.

As an expert commercial litigator, Todd Levine uses divergent skills to work on his projects, always satisfying the demands of the client.

The Most Recognized Attorney Of Florida

The attorney has received a great many awards due to his problem-solving talent and innovation. The audience has recognized his work in multiple events and magazines, becoming quite popular in his industry.

We will take a closer look at the background of Todd Levine and attempt to identify the cause of his massive success.

Todd Levine’s Legal And Creative Skills

Like many brilliant attorneys, Todd received high-quality education studying law at Florida Levin College. Moreover, the combination of financial principles made him specialize in commercial litigations.

Finance defined the foundation that many clients were looking in an attorney, being more likely to do business with Todd.

The fact that makes Todd Levine different is his way to arrange legal information, putting contrary skills into work.

On the one hand, he has in-depth knowledge and experience about law and financial regulations. On the other hand, Todd is an avid musician and artist, which helps him to see cases differently and use his creativity to solve problems.

It is very rare to find who masters two contrary fields. The most successful people of the world share this pattern, fusing both opposites to create a valuable skill.

Applying artistic principles to logic-based activities such as litigations explains why Todd’s strategical thinking is so effective.

Todd Levine Litigation Projects

This attorney is an experienced expert in many ordinary legal matters, ranging from real estate litigations to intellectual property cases.

As for commercial litigations, Todd Levine has worked on cases involving partnerships, financial agreements, construction litigation, among others.

Todd Levine is also the founding member at Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, Levine P.I., a selection of the best lawyers of the USs.

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The Computer Sciences of Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins, an in-game virtual assets firm that is the leading bitcoin merchant in the world. Although it is the current leading centralized marketplace, it makes sense that it will soon be entering the decentralized sector since it is now eligible for such and decentralized firms have much fewer limitations. OPSKins fairly recently created a child company called WAX, a company which does not the same thing but allows trading across country borders, something previously much more difficult. CasSelle also serves as its president.

Malcolm CasSelle entered the adult world by attaining a Computer Science from MIT followed by an M.A in Computer Science from Stanford University. Then in 1995, he co-founded NetNoir, leading it as its CTO. In 1998 he became Senior Vice President of Pacific Century Cyberworks, serving in this role until 2002. In 2006, he began serving as the director of Capital Union Investments in Hong Kong, serving in this role until 2013. In 2015 he was serving as CEO of Timelabs, which he had cofounded. When it was purchased and absorbed by Seachange, he joined its leadership.

He served as Seachange’ served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of its Digital Media. In 2016, CasSelle began serving as the CTO and President of New Ventures at Tribune Publishing, which was eventually renamed Tron, Inc. The following year he assumed his current role with OPSkins and WAX. Today, he leads both of these companies to makes hundreds of millions of dollars in token sales every year. Throughout his years in the business world, he has invested in promising startups in the digital industry such as MediaPass, Xfire, Facebook, Zynga, various big data and blockchain verticals, and Groupon’s venture in China.

Much of his career as been spent in China and Japan. As a result, he is fluent in both Mandarin and Japanese.

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Ashley Lightspeed Brings Her Business Acumen To A Venture Capital Firm

Ashley Lightspeed is a young businesswoman who works as a partner at the venture capital firm Lightspeed Venture Partners. She is on the consumer investing team where he uses her prototyping skills to develop growth strategies for early-stage firms. He is a graduate of Duke University, where she earned her undergraduate degree, and Stanford University where she earned an MBA.

Before joining this financial firm she was already a veteran of Silicon Valley. She had worked for Thumbtack where she led the Events and Weddings category. This company matches people with professional service providers across the nation. One of her skills is having a good eye for craftsmanship. She says that a true craftsman wants to create something truly beautiful for others to enjoy. Read more about Ashley Lightspeed at Forbes.

In 2012, Ashley Lightspeed began her career in Washington D.C. she was hired at Bain & Company, Inc., as a senior associate consultant. She consulted for companies in several industries such as automotive, aerospace, utilities, financial services, consumer goods, health care, and technology. She joined Thumbtack in February 2015.

While attending Yale University, she worked as a consultant and growth advisor in order to pay the bills. She was hired by Lightspeed Venture Partners right after earning her MBA. Lightspeed is an international firm that invests in companies in the United States, Europe, India, China, and Israel. They invest in multiple industries such as energy, software-as-a-service, enterprise technology, big data, biotechnology, and social media.

One of the types of companies that Ashley Lightspeed helps is digital media firms. These companies bring content to their audience. They can make money in different ways. Some charge a subscription to access their content. Another business model is introducing an e-commerce store so that they can sell products and services. They can also generate revenue from advertising although this isn’t as profitable as it once was.